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FairLifts Search & Rescue Helicopters

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Types of Helicopter Search and Rescue Operations There are many different kinds of helicopter Search and Rescue that can be seen across the country on an almost daily basis. Helicopters provide quick and urgent transportation for rescue crews and patients. Their ability to maneuver and hover in ways that fixed-wing makes helicopter the preferrable choice with emergency transport in rural …

Disaster Relief Helicopter Support

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Disasters are unfortunate, but extraordinary situations. These post-emergency circumstances require significant logistical planning and transportation of equipment and humanitarian goods in order to provide disaster relief. Helicopters have become an indispensable aid when it comes to dealing with disasters. If you are looking for a way to transport goods in or out of a disaster area, call us. In most …

Helicopter Rescues Two Snowbound Campers After Two-Weeks

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The Call Los Angeles’ first responders received a 911 call on Wednesday. The call reported a couple and their two dogs had been stranded on a snowbound mountain in Los Padres National Forest for 14-days. The Alamo Mountain The Alamo Mountain is a 17.8-mile loop trail. It is described to be suitable for all skill level hikers. The trail is …

Helicopter Support For Business or Pleasure

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Helicopters are great for short trips or for flights to destinations with no airports. They also offer a level of flexibility that is not commonly found with fixed-wing travels. The adaptability of helicopters make them perfect for any range of individual requirements. They allow access to remote areas with the ability to land at helipads, hotels, and even some private …

Navy Helicopter Rescues Impaired Cruise Ship Passenger, Coast Guard Video Shows

Navy Helicopter Rescues Impaired Cruise Ship Passenger, Coast Guard Video Shows

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Things may have ended very differently, had it not been for an enhanced Navy Helicopter rescue operations in Hawaii. Roughly 150 miles offshore in Kaneohe, the cruise ship Emerald Princess was enjoying peak mid-morning climatic conditions. Minutes later, a rescue attempt by helicopter was well underway. At that time, an unidentified Canadian passenger aboard the cruise ship, 83 years in …