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Helicopter Lift Services

Buffalo Helicopter Lift Services


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Helicopter Services in Buffalo, New York

Delivering the most options for helicopter lifting services in New York and the Erie region, a Buffalo helicopter lift offers access to operators all over the state each with their own specialized experience and aircraft. FairLifts can provide the connection you need to get the job done right from the beginning, by using a detail-oriented logistical approach to setting up reservations and with the belief that our clients are all unique just like their jobs is what makes FairLifts your best choice for Buffalo helicopter lifts.

Helicopter lifts are an incredibly flexible means of lifting and placement. With the ability to access nearly any site, remote or urban as well as hover for long periods of time, helicopters can do things traditional cranes and methods simply cannot. No matter the lift, helicopters make it easy and FairLifts makes it even easier by providing their scheduling and planning.

Offering Helicopter Solutions to Buffalo Residents

As the second largest city in New York, the first of course being NYC, Buffalo has a great need for helicopter services and we don’t just mean flights over Niagara Falls. Being a coastal city along Lake Erie, Buffalo often has a need for helicopters when it comes to rescues on the lake, delivery of vessels to the lake and even for patrols of the lake. But that isn’t the only industry that helicopters can help in the Buffalo area. Assisting in the movement of heavy parts to companies and factories such as G&M are another highly requested service that FairLifts receives. Whether it’s lifting an antenna to the top of Buffalo City Hall, or simply re-erecting down power lines, FairLifts knows, there is no job too small or big for helicopter lifts.

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The Most Options in Buffalo Helicopter Lifts

By partnering with hundreds of global operators each with their own varied fleet of aircraft and experienced pilots, it is no wonder we can offer New York residents the most options in Buffalo helicopter lifts. The following is a simple list of what can offer, however, the services we can schedule are not limited to these. If you have questions or would like a customized project quote please discuss this with your agent.

Buffalo Construction Helicopter Services - Buffalo Helicopter Lift Solutions

Construction Helicopters

Construction helicopters are there to assist on construction sites, either by delivering materials or crews, tearing down and taking away unwanted walls or slabs or even by assisting in placing finishing touches like HVAC units atop buildings. Helicopters are simple to schedule and cost much less than traditional cranes as they save time, money, and the safety of workers.

Buffalo Heavy Lift Helicopters - Buffalo Helicopter Lift Solutions

Heavy Lift

Heavy lift helicopters provide lifting capabilities for construction and many other industries. Because helicopters are flexible as to where they can access, land and hover, lifting accuracy is much better with helicopters than it is with ground cranes. Buffalo helicopter lifts can be scheduled to assist in heavy, out sized and small load operations.

Buffalo Helicopter Freight & Cargo Conveyance - Buffalo Helicopter Lift Solutions

Freight / Cargo Helicopters

When it comes to shipping, most people think of airplanes or trucks for freight, however, shipping via helicopter is simple, easy and can be done for fast deliveries. Without needing the logistical headache that is organizing a flight or ground transportation for shipments, helicopters are the best for last minute shipment and freight deliveries. Helicopters simply pick-up and drop off, point A to B no additional wait times necessary.

Buffalo Helicopter Agricultural & Emergency Services - Buffalo Helicopter Lift Solutions

Emergency - Agricultural

When last minute needs arise such as an emergency or overnight frost during the warm seasons, a helicopter can be dispatched to assist. Urgent Buffalo helicopter lifts can be sent within a few short hours and can respond to natural disasters, rescues and agricultural or animal control situations. From surveys, the spraying of forest fires to nuisance animal population control and the delivery of resources to those affected, helicopter lifts are the quickest in response.

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Immediate Helicopter Lifts operations and solutions

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