Commonly Used Helicopters

Commonly Used Helicopters By FairLifts Partners

The most commonly used helicopters that FairLifts partners with come in a variety of sizes and are used to perform in various scenarios. You can book a helicopter charter for executive purposes or corporate events. Executive board members, CEO’s, business associates, and potential investors can travel in comfort, style, and VIP luxury when they take a trip in a private helicopter charter. Spacious cabins and ample storage space make for the perfect ride to wherever it is you and you associates need to go.

Aircrafts may also be book for many other services including rides and city tours. If you are visiting a new city, you will not need to waste time hailing a taxi or sitting in traffic. You can book a tour of the city and see everything from a bird’s eye view. For tours outside the city in more remote areas, you can book a single or a twin engine aircraft, depending on your needs. Both are wonderful options and provide you with smooth, relaxing rides to or over your desired destination.

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Heavy Duty Helicopters

These commonly used helicopters may also be used in construction projects, oil and gas transportation, and heavy lifting jobs. These heavy duty helicopters are made to perform the tasks that ground equipment simply cannot do. They can even be used as sky cranes to install heavy equipment or work on pipelines.

Commonly used Helicopters

The Sikorsky S61N is the most popular heavy duty helicopter due to its versatility. This nifty helicopter has demonstrated superior performance under many different circumstances including fire suppression, construction, disaster relief, power line repairs, gas and oil transportation, and more. This aircraft’s reliability has made it a go-to helicopter for many different heavy lifting jobs.

Commonly used Helicopters

An even more impressive helicopter is the Boeing CH-47D. This rotary aircraft giant is capable of carrying up to 26,000 pounds. With it’s large fuel capacity of 1,028 gallons, the Boeing CH-47D can travel a distance of up to 390 nautical miles. This helicopter aircraft is mostly used in energy transport. Moving gas and oil loads from offshore drilling facilities is easy as cake to this flying monster.

Often times, emergency response is needed at a scene immediately. The fastest way to get to a location for a natural disaster or medical evacuation is by helicopter. Our affiliate’s helicopters are best in these cases because of their stability and versatility. A twin engine aircraft can go to all of the places that an airplane cannot. The Bell 205A-1++ can make it through rugged, mountainous terrain, making it perfect for rescue missions. With the capability of flying at higher altitudes and in poor weather conditions, this rescue helicopter has the best chance of getting to the person in distress.

For fighting wildfires, the United States Forest Service turns to the Bell 212HP for it’s fire suppression needs. Equipped with a water bucket and the capacity to carry up to nine passengers, this rotary aircraft is efficient at putting a stop to out-of-control fires. The Airbus AS332 C1e Super Puma is commonly used in emergency situations and for medical evacuation. This commonly used helicopter can be equipped as an air ambulance and can carry up to 17 passengers. Staying the air for well over three hours, this helicopter can transport the person in distress to the nearest hospital facility for treatment.

During a crisis situation, first responders and rescue teams are essential to ensuring that the people in need make it out alive. Rescuers work tirelessly to help control wildfires, respond to medical emergencies, and locate missing persons. With the help of modern technology and amazing helicopters, these teams are fully capable of responding to emergency situations in a timely manner.

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