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Fort Wayne Helicopter Lift Solutions


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Fort Wayne Helicopter Lifts and Services with FairLifts

FairLifts partners with helicopter operators world wide giving us the advantage of offering our clients the most options in aircraft and specialist pilots. When you contact us we get you directly to the right person. That means that when you call you can rest assured you are speaking with the agent with the most experience in arranging your specific type of Fort Wayne helicopter lift.

From construction helicopters customized to assist with heavy lifting of materials, crews and last minute items like HVACs to emergency service lifts for urgent response, recovery and rescues, the industries we service are endless. Every client and every job is treated as it’s own unique situation which means you won’t find cookie-cutter solutions for your specific job. We take care of all of the logistics so you can take care of business.

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When serving the Fort Wayne area, we have learned a thing or two. For starters, we’ve learned that the most often requested service in the area is heavy lifting. We have scheduled helicopter lifts for downed power lines, surveys like those used by AEP and heavy lifting of bulky materials for companies like Franklin Electric. When fortune 500 companies like Steel Dynamics, Inc. contact us, they are treated with the same premium attention that we give to independent contractors and individuals. We can arrange pipeline surveys, the delivery of large freight and even executive charters coming from Smith Field. The point is, no matter the client and no matter the size of the job, every detail is handled with the care that only a professional service such as ours can be expected to provide.

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FairLift’s Service Options in Fort Wayne and Indiana

While the following list encompasses the most popular services requested in Indiana, there are many instances when a project does not fall into one of these categories. The only way to know how we will handle your individual need is to call an agent and speak with them about your specific job. Consultations are free and you are placed with an agent who knows about what your request entails so you can get the fastest response and most efficient solution for your time and budget. These are the services we often offer in Indiana:

Fort Wayne Construction Helicopter Services - Fort Wayne Helicopter Lift Solutions

Construction Helicopters

Construction helicopters assist with heavy lifting of materials such as brick loads and concrete pours as well as the lifting of work crews to those remote areas that cannot be accessed with traditional transportation. Helicopters can place beams, secure antenna and even transport the materials needed to provide structures with electricity.

Fort Wayne Heavy Lift Helicopters - Fort Wayne Helicopter Lift Solutions

Heavy Lift

Heavy lift helicopters are fairly generic in their tasks. If there are heavy objects such as a tree down on a power line or if there is an obstruction on the highway or even a vehicle that has rolled into a pond, we can arrange a helicopter to lift it. Helicopters are the most versatile means of heavy lifting in the industry as they can hover, move to and from and place objects in both busy cities as well as remote locations.

Fort Wayne Helicopter Freight & Cargo Conveyance - Fort Wayne Helicopter Lift Solutions

Fort Wayne Freight / Cargo Helicopters

Freight can be transferred traditionally with an airplane, truck or water vessel, however for smaller transfers or those on a time limit, helicopters are the best option. Pick-ups and deliveries can be completed in a shorter amount of time than with airplanes, no ground transportation that can be impacted by traffic is needed and no additional funds are required for shipping over water.

Fort Wayne Emergency Solutions - Fort Wayne Helicopter Lift Solutions

Emergency Helicopter Lifts

Indiana has seen its fair share of crazy weather. Which means that at any moment a frost could come through and your crops could be at risk. Helicopters can provide de-frosting, seeding, watering and fertilizing for crops as well as animal herding and surveys for the agricultural industry. In terms of emergency lifts, FairLifts can dispatch an urgent charter to recover individuals, deliver desperately needed supplies and provide assistance in rescue efforts should the situation call for it.

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When you are ready to speak to an experienced agent about your helicopter services you can contact us seven days a week. Agents have many years of experience organizing helicopter solutions for clients ranging in a vast majority of industries. This experience coupled with our huge assortment of operators and independent contractors in the helicopter industry gives us the best and most widely diversified network of pilots and aircraft to assist you. Contact us today for a free consultation and no obligation quote.

Fort Wayne Helicopter Lifts operations and solutions

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