Gilbert Helicopter Lift Services


Gilbert Helicopter Lift Services


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You don’t need a heavy lift helicopter everyday in Gilbert, Arizona. But when you do, you want the best in the business. FairLifts can help by arranging a variety of Gilbert helicopter lift services. Heavy lift helicopters are the solution requiring air crane support for transporting or installing heavy equipment. Our partners have massive helicopters with excellent maneuverability, especially in congested or remote locations.

Helicopter lifts can deliver heavy building materials like concrete, iron, or slab to any site. These helicopters are ideal for large-scale heli-logging jobs. Affiliate helicopters are regularly serviced to keep machinery fine-tuned and ready to go. Professional pilots are seasoned with years of experience and they possess a solid knowledge of both their helicopters and the jobs they need to perform. Helicopter services can also help with land surveying and a number of jobs that need aerial support.

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Gilbert’s mountains, desert, and urban areas are ideal for heavy lift helicopter services.

Gilbert, Arizona, is one of the fastest growing cities in America. With  scenic beauty unmatched by larger cities in the southwest, climbers love to tackle the mountains and forests. The desert beckons travelers with the majesty of the giant saguaro cactus. In Gilbert, enjoy special events, great food and spectacular natural beauty under the stars.

With its mix of amazing scenery and a strong technological footprint in industry; Gilbert is a bold player in cutting edge industries. When the need arises and the call comes in, a heavy lift helicopter navigates easily over arid desert, dense forest or rocky mountain cliffs.

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FairLifts Offers Heavy Lift Helicopters To Fit Every Big Job

When a company needs to move outsized equipment to a hard to reach position, FairLifts is your go-to resource for the job. We book with expert affiliates who can provide exactly the right helicopter to fit your needs.

Gilbert Construction Helicopter Services - Gilbert Helicopter Lift Solutions

Construction Helicopters

Does your company need to install power lines in a remote location or move massive antennas near the desert for research projects? FairLifts can organize Gilbert helicopter lift services through a variety of operators to procure the right air crane for the job.

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Gilbert Heavy Lift Helicopters - Gilbert Helicopter Lift Solutions

Heavy Lift Helicopters

Mounting sculptures atop a multi-storied building requires precision. When your job needs precision using cables and other restraints to transport large machinery; a heavy lift helicopter makes the right choice. With capability to hover, a lift helicopter can do a delicate job in half the time.

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Gilbert Helicopter Freight & Cargo Conveyance - Gilbert Helicopter Lift Solutions

Freight and Cargo helicopters

When we think of large freight or cargo transport; planes, trains and big rigs come to mind. But freight/cargo helicopters might be a better option. A helicopter could cut the costs involved in multiple shipping situations, especially for out-of-the-way locations. FairLifts can help.

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Gilbert Air Ambulance & Emergency Services - Gilbert Helicopter Lift Solutions

Emergency Helicopter Lifts

Erupting volcanoes, wildfires and floods dominate the daily headlines. Emergency lift helicopters are your best resource for search and rescue operations. They can operate effectively in tough terrain and under dangerous conditions. Trust FairLifts to dispatch the right partner when the call comes in.

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