Connecticut Heavy Lift Helicopter Services

For Precision Placement Or Installation Of Heavy Equipment And Structures


Connecticut Heavy Lift Helicopter Services


For Precision Placement Or Installation Of Heavy Equipment And Structures

For comprehensive helicopter heavy-lift services in Connecticut
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Helicopters are among the most versatile machines on Earth and play an important role in the mining, agricultural, industrial, utilities, telecoms, and construction industries of Connecticut.

From day-to-day tasks like HVAC installations to emergency evacuations or firefighting, helicopters fit the bill across a wide range of applications. When coupled with experienced, skilled pilots, they are the most efficient heavy lifting tools around.

Whether the task at hand is big or small, routine or extreme, you’ll find a pilot, crew, and helicopter team that suits your heavy-lift requirements statewide.

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Connecticut’s Finest Flying Machines at Your Service

FairLifts has access to a range of the world’s best heavy-lift helicopters, including:
Sikorsky - With a maximum load capacity of well over 4500 lbs, Sikorsky helicopters are perfect partners for heavy-lift tasks across all industries, as well as relief operations during natural disasters.

Heavy Lift Helicopters: Long-line and Sling Load Quotes
  • Bell

    The Bell 214-B is the world’s most powerful single-engine helicopter and plays an important role in construction, disaster relief, salvage missions, and fire-fighting.

  • Huey

    From the same stable as the Bell machines, Huey helicopters are most commonly used for medevac applications, personnel transport, and equipment lifts in remote, hot conditions.

Connecticut Heavy Lift Helicopters: Long-line and Sling Load Quotes Connecticut Heavy Lift Helicopters: Long-line and Sling Load Quotes

Helicopters Meet All Your Heavy-Lift Needs in Connecticut

Helicopters are the most efficient and cost-effective way to work in rugged, swampy terrain or over the ocean.

Unlike fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters can move directly upward as well as forward, backward and sideways, as well as hover in one spot, all while lifting enormous weights. This makes them the perfect solution when space is tight, the terrain is difficult, or time is limited.

When you hire a helicopter for your heavy-lift tasks in Connecticut, you will receive a detailed consultation about the most effective way to achieve your aims. You will also have access to experienced pilots and crew as well as an on board mechanic to ensure that your job is completed on time and safely.

FairLifts’ partnerships with a host of reputable helicopter service providers and pilots mean we can tailor-make a range of services to suit you anywhere in Connecticut.

Connecticut Heavy Lifts for Tower Construction

Tower Construction

Thanks to their versatility and precision, helicopter air-cranes are often significantly more effective than land-cranes. Helicopter airlifts have an excellent safety record and there are no set-up and take-down costs.

At high elevations or in a soft and swampy environment, helicopters are the only way to erect antennae and communications towers.

Connecticut HVAC Lifts for Installation and Replacement

Advertising sign placement

If you are installing a billboard on top of a building or alongside a busy road, it can be impossible to make use of a land-crane due to traffic laws and restrictions. Helicopters can get in and out quickly with minimal disturbance to the surrounding infrastructure in built-up areas.

Connecticut Outsize Loads

Heavy Lifts

The complex maneuverability and power of heavy-lift helicopters are used for a wide range of applications.

They are highly effective where precision mobility, as well as heavy-lift capacity, is required such as the placement of heavy HVAC units. Although new areas for helicopter assistance are constantly being discovered, these versatile machines are most often used for lifting heavy construction materials and equipment to remote sites, for logging operations, and for oil rig and pipeline construction.

Connecticut Pipeline Construction & Utility Placement

Construction and Delivery

From transporting heavy structural elements to delivering provisions and personnel to remote areas, or pouring concrete from above, helicopters have a huge range of applications across the construction industry. In most cases, helicopters provide a safer, cheaper, faster and more accurate alternative to overland machinery.

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FairLifts Specializes in Heavy Lift Logistics

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