Indiana Heavy Lift Helicopter Services

For Precision Placement Or Installation Of Heavy Equipment And Structures


Indiana Heavy Lift Helicopter Services


For Precision Placement Or Installation Of Heavy Equipment And Structures

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Expedite heavy lifting in Indiana, backed by proven helicopter solutions today

Whether it’s the placement of an advertising sign, a lift across a difficult to reach region, or even the oft-requested precision placement of an HVAC unit, a helicopter enhanced specifically for heavy lifting can do it all in the Hoosier State. Working in full accordance with all of your existing ventures, helicopter operators in Indiana act in full accordance with all FAA regulations, to decrease down time and streamline heavy lifting. For tower construction, supply delivery and more, turn to the proven outlet for heavy lifting from above.

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A widespread portfolio of available helicopters

No matter the job, your helicopter provider will assign the perfect chopper to handle the situation.

Heavy Lift Helicopters: Long-line and Sling Load Quotes
  • It might be a Sikorsky model, like the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane already optimized for lifting endeavors.

  • Your Indiana provider might assign you a Bell Ranger model like the Bell 206, outfitted with twin engines and a maximum takeoff weight of more than 3 tons.

  • Perhaps it’ll be a Huey like the UH-1 Iroquois, a two-bladed model regularly employed for both civilian and military use.

Indiana Heavy Lift Helicopters: Long-line and Sling Load Quotes Indiana Heavy Lift Helicopters: Long-line and Sling Load Quotes

Regardless of the heavy lifting requirements in Indiana, dedicated vendors have you covered

Common lifting requirements in Indiana routinely satisfied by helicopter providers through FairLifts include the precision placement of HVAC units. HVAC units are routinely placed in precise locations, despite formidable weights, by helicopters manned by experienced pilots. Advertising signage and impressive altitudes is also installed, dismantled and serviced by similar choppers, no matter the total weight of the the sign itself in the process. And for all of your heavy lifting needs located in remote or difficult-to-reach regions, rest assured that helicopter can safely maneuver over ground obstacles, to expedite your task in no time. You can even accomplish cutting-edge construction style lifting, as well as the delivery of your supplies, safely and securely by helicopter today in Indiana.

Indiana Heavy Lifts for Tower Construction

Tower Construction

Raise towers and perform construction on antennas whenever the situation calls for it, thanks to helicopter providers in Indiana that can prioritize tower longevity and security alive. No matter the altitude or the weight, tower and antenna construction is streamlined by chopper in Indiana, at readily affordable rates.

Indiana HVAC Lifts for Installation and Replacement

Advertising sign placement

Take your marketing and advertising endeavors to the next level, thanks to reliable, helicopter-facilitated advertising sign placement in Indiana. Helicopters can take your signs into the air, can remove old signage, and can even perform repairs on existing signs in Indiana, thanks to their extended hovering capabilities.

Indiana Outsize Loads

Hard to reach / remote areas

Even the most remote regions in Indiana are still well within reach, whenever you employ a helicopter for your heavy lifting needs. Given a helicopter’s superiority in managing obstacles, you can simply circumvent or fly over ground anomalies, as well as both natural and man made structures. Reach remote areas effortlessly.

Indiana Pipeline Construction & Utility Placement

Delivery of Supplies

Ensure the on-time delivery of all of your supplies, when they are expedited by air travel! And allow a helicopter to speed up existing operations at any construction site, with integrated solutions in Indiana that can accomplish more without hindering existing construction procedures.

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We offer heavy lift services in the following cites and more in Indiana:

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