Oil and Gas Transportation

Oil and Gas Transportation

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Aerial Energy Product Transport made easy

Helicopters can be used for numerous aerial services including aerial energy product transport. Helicopters can be used for patrolling pipelines, transporting oil and gas, moving heavy equipment and cargo, and even transporting personnel. Offshore helicopter support can be reserved for transporting faculty members to offshore oil energy production bases. This service is also capable of providing medevac and limited search-and-rescue missions. Move your team from base to base with ease and comfort. This service can even be used to take aerial tours of the energy production facility.

FairLifts also has access to larger helicopters that are perfect for moving energy products such as oil and gas. Offshore oil and gas transportation requires the right type of aircraft and a skilled pilot. Our experts have access to the largest selection of helicopters in the country. Choosing to use a helicopter to move energy products ensures that these heavy loads are delivered to the desired location safely and efficiently. Your helicopter pilot will be skilled in aerial oil and gas transport.

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Offshore Helicopter support Offshore Helicopter support

It comes as no surprise that different aircraft are used for very different tasks. Smaller, lighter weight helicopters are commonly used for transporting personnel, while the larger aircraft are typically used in transporting heavy loads.

For pipeline patrolling, the H125 single-engine helicopter from Airbus Helicopters is often used. For the transportation of crew members and business personnel, the H145 is the most popular helicopter. This agile, twin-engine helicopter is perfect for offshore helicopter support missions.

The H155 is a medium sized aircraft that is also great for offshore helicopter support. It is equipped with external life rafts, an automatic deployable emergency locator transmitter, a traffic alert and collision avoidance system, and many other features that allow for safe and reliable transportation.

The H225 is the most popular aircraft for offshore oil and gas transportation. It operates on a damage-tolerant fuselage and rotor system, and is certified to fly through icy weather conditions. It is capable of carrying heavy payloads of up to 19 passengers and staying in the air for approximately five hours and thirty minutes.

Aerial Energy Product Transport Missions

Helicopter transportation services are highly sought after in the petroleum industry. As the vast majority of oil and gas production facilities are offshore, helicopters are put to use in order to transport personnel, inspect the bases, and also for aerial energy product transport.

You may schedule a helicopter transport for faculty members, crew, business personnel, and VIPs. Offshore helicopter support missions can also include medevac for medical emergency situations. The aircrafts used in these cases are equipped to handle medical emergencies until the person is delivered to the nearest hospital. Limited search and rescue missions can also be performed with these helicopters. Helicopter repairs, modifications, and maintenance can be carried out. The gas and oil industry often employs the use of helicopters to move energy products. Barrels of petroleum are very heavy payloads that require special care and attention. Sometimes these payloads need to be transported over long distances. This can be easily accomplished with the right helicopter.

Offshore oil and gas transportation are not the only heavy loads that these helicopters can take. Helicopters can be used to move, repair or install heavy equipment. For offshore energy production facilities that are renovating or repairing their bases, a helicopter is well-suited to move steel beams, oversized air conditioner units, and so much more. Other offshore helicopter support includes monitoring pipelines and taking an aerial tour of the production facilities. Send your potential investors on an aerial tour of your energy production base.

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