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Construction Helicopter Services


Resources and Information

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  • Air Crane

    Air cranes are helicopters used in the pursuance of containment of fires e.g.wildfires, forest fires, or in heavy lift construction applications. Through the use of suspension cables, they convey bulky or heavy external loads and are capable of spreading water and/or fire retardant via the use of buckets or hoses affixed to the aircraft, in large swaths over wildfires. May also be used in mining.

  • Electrical Helicopter Lineman

    Electrical helicopter linemen, also called aerial lineman, are individuals who perform high-risk repairs and maintenance on power lines while suspended from cables affixed to helicopters.

  • North American Reliability Corporation (NERC)

    North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) is a non-profit regulatory body responsible for eight regional reliability entities and includes all the interconnected power systems of the United States, Canada and part of Baja California that is situated in Mexico.

  • Freight

    The term freight’s definitions are many and diverse. Freight could refer to freight service or shipping application via helicopters, or it could refer to the literal term used to describe the cargo being conveyed by helicopter itself. In helicopter freight applications, the aircraft, sometimes multiple aircraft, are used to convey equipment or cargo that is unusually shaped or too heavy for conventional shipping. The use of helicopters in freight services are more effective time wise.

  • Heavy Lift

    Heavy lift helicopters are aircraft that are used to move large, weighty, bulky or awkwardly shaped cargo for the purpose of implementing the cargo in construction or to place with precision items utilized for utilities, design elements or in builds.

  • Helicopter Cart

    Helicopter carts or two carts are used to maneuver an aircraft into hangars and other locations with precision and ease so as to ‘park’ or place the aircraft with ease and simplicity. The two cart is affixed to the nose of the helicopter as well as attaches wheels to the rear so as to tow the helicopter more effectively.

  • Surplus Helicopter

    Surplus helicopters are aircraft that may be purchased or acquired for private or industrial use. Additionally, surplus helicopters may refer to an aircraft that there are a nonessential number of.

  • Exploration

    Oil and gas exploration (for Hydrocarbons) is the search conducted in the pursuit of identifying deposits beneath the surface of the Earth e.g. oil and gas

  • HEMS

    Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) are technologies that determine amounts of energy resource consumption. E.g. sensors, thermostats, and feedback devices.

  • Offshore / Onshore

    Offshore and Onshore refer to different locations utilizing varying means by which oil is extracted. Onshore would be in reference to drilling beneath the Earth’s surface over land, while offshore would be referring to the rigs located in bodies of water wherein drilling for oil occurs.

  • PPM Leakage

    Parts Per Million (PPM) is a unit of measure utilized as a determining factor in the rate of gas leakage.

  • Ranging Optical Remote Sensing Technology

    Ranging optical remote sensing technologies make use of light rebounding off the surface of the Earth to measure distances, etc. LIDAR is an example of this.

  • Ranging Optical Remote Sensing Technology

    Ranging optical remote sensing technologies make use of light rebounding off the surface of the Earth to measure distances, etc. LIDAR is an example of this.

  • Anti-Rotation Rigging System

    The means often used in the case of airport transfers upon the arrival of inbound flights for executive purposes and the conveyance of the client to the location of their accommodation.

  • Critical Line Contacts

    Critical Lines (CL) identify points of inconsistency that may ultimately lead to widespread power outages.

  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Regulations

    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is an entity that regulates the interstate transportation of electricity, natural gas, and oil.

  • Right-of-Way (i.e. debris, property damage, materials left behind)

    Following construction, there is a protocol in which linemen inspect construction elements for inconsistencies, report on right-of-way conditions ( such as debris assessment and cleanup of discarded materials, garbage and waste) and analysis of project completion specifications.

  • Sling Loads

    Sling loads are essentially weighty or bulky loads that are slung attached by cargo hooks beneath an airborne helicopter for the purpose of conveyance.

  • Helicopter Cargo Hook

    Cargo hooks are devices utilized in the suspension of items or cargo below a helicopter for the purpose of application in conveying external loads. E.g. used in sling work or in external load transport operations.

  • Helicopter Dolly

    Helicopter dollies are used in the transport of the aircraft especially in the case of a helicopter with skids equipped. The dolly provides a simple method for which to move or tow the entire aircraft with ease.

  • Oil and Gas Transport

    Oil and gas transport helicopter services are the conveyance or energy resources cross-country, within communities or from offshore rigs and outposts.

  • Extraction

    Extraction is a means by which crude oil is drawn from out of the Earth to be used for the purpose of energy resources.

  • HSE-MS

    HSE-MS is an Initialism referencing Health, Safety & Environment Management System. Their goal or the goal by which this school of thought is implemented in mitigating harm to public health, safety and the environment.

  • Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP)

    The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) is the representative for the interest of public health, safety, knowledge and ocean conservation as well as in the sharing of ideas in the furtherance of environmentally sound means by which to extract natural resources.

  • Pipeline Inspection

    Pipeline inspections are an external assessment of pipelines used to convey water and other energy resources for internal and external irregularities, e.g.cracks, corrosion, third-party inclusions, and inconsistencies in the manufacture of the pipeline.

  • LiDAR and GIS Data Acquisition

    Light detection and ranging (LIDAR) is a technology developed to assist in mapping, monitoring, and assessment of resources. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a means by which data is acquired with respect to geographical nuances that are detected during analysis.

  • ROW

    The Right of Way (ROW) is an index of mapping data that indicates the right of way boundary history.

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