Illinois Transmission Line Construction

Helicopter Tower Construction, Pole Installation, Wire Stringing & More


Illinois Transmission Line Construction


Helicopter Tower Construction, Pole Installation, Wire Stringing & More

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Illinois Transmission Line Construction Solutions

FairLifts, working with a professional network of helicopter affiliates, affords immediate and cost-effective Illinois Transmission Line Construction in remote areas of the state with limited environmental impact. Expert services include:

  • Structure and Pole Placement
  • Transport of Equipment
  • Transport of Matting
  • Changing Cross-Arms or Davit Arms
  • Hanging Insulators and Stringing Blocks
  • Installing Spacers, Marker Balls, Bird Discouragers and Anti-Galloping Devices
  • Transport of Vehicles
  • Transport of Concrete
  • Structure Framing
  • Installing X-Braces, Knee Braces and V-Braces
  • Pulling Sock Line, Hard Line, Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) and Shield Wire
  • Post-Construction Inspection Services
Illinois Transmission Line Construction Illinois Transmission Line Construction

Illinois: Leading Energy Producer

Illinois, known for its extensive agricultural and manufacturing industries, ranks fifth among states in electricity production, and is a leading producer of coal, ranking third in recoverable coal reserves, most which is mined in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming. Also, Illinois is a leading Midwest refiner of petroleum with a combined crude oil distillation capacity of nearly 900,000 barrels per day. The state is also home to the Chicago Pile-1, the world's first artificial self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction in the world's first nuclear reactor, built on the University of Chicago campus. Illinois ranks ninth among US states in installed wind power capacity, and second in corn production, which is used to supply 40% of the ethanol consumed in the US. The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign is a partner of the Energy Biosciences Institute (EBI), a $500 million biofuels research project funded by British Petroleum.

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FairLifts: Illinois Transmission Line Construction Services

FairLifts, a international leader in arranging transmission line construction services, works with a comprehensive network of experienced operators to provide expert transmission line construction solutions to industries in Illinois. Also, FairLifts ensures numerous other services, including work crew and equipment transport to offshore or remote sites, as well as heavy lifts for hardware and machinery.

Heavy Lifts & Tower Construction

Expert External Load & Heavy Lifts

FairLifts arranges heavy lift aircraft with lift capacity of up to 9,000 lbs, amply sufficient lift requirements for all types of construction projects or lift operations. Ensuring maximum safety standards and cost-efficient solutions, we meet the strictest project deadlines. Lift services range from light to heavy and aerial crane services for the transport and placement of weighty elements with reduced environmental impact.

Stringing of Wire

Superior Stringing of Wire

FairLifts arranges wire stringing services and the installation of primary conductors onto the transmission line structures, including the installation of conductors, ground wire, insulators, stringing sheaves, rollers or travelers, vibration dampeners, weights, suspension and dead-end hardware assemblies for the complete extension of the project.

Utility Pole Installation

Proven Utility Pole Installation

FairLifts supplies expert utility pole installation, permitting crews to gain access to hard to reach terrains with minimal environmental impact. Composite poles have a greater strength/weight ratio than traditional wood poles, therefore, helicopter lifts provide the strength required to install poles in remote areas.

ROW & Site Inspections

Extensive ROW & Site Inspection

FairLifts schedules ROW and site inspection of power transmission lines through infrared thermographic inspection of power lines, which pinpoint transmission line inconsistencies efficiently and affordably. Additional inspection services include corona measurement with new generation technology to spot corona interference in high-voltage transmission lines.

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Illinois Utility Transmission Line Construction Illinois Utility Transmission Line Construction

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FaiLifts service agents provide assistance 24/7 to facilitate an array of Illinois transmission line construction solutions. An international network of affiliates guarantees reliable, safe and cost-effective service solutions for all transmission line construction needs, and ensures time-sensitive services.

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Illinois Utility Transmission Line Construction

We work hard to provide helicopter solutions for utilities in all of these areas and more in Illinois...

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