Government Helicopter Assistance

With vast versatility, helicopters can be the perfect asset for any government agency


Government Helicopter Assistance


Given their vast versatility, helicopters can be the perfect asset for any government agency

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The Advantages and Uses of Helicopters

The use of helicopters by government agencies has increased significantly over the past decade, according to data published by NEXA Advisors for the National Business Aviation Association. This trend stems from the unique benefits that helicopters provide in time-sensitive and often unpredictable circumstances. Some of the advantages of using government helicopter support include:

  • Maneuverability

    Helicopters can access terrain that is often isolated and rugged, winding through valleys and forested areas and hovering in one spot for long periods. Helicopters are perfect for search and rescue, tracking dangerous criminals or transporting firefighters or other emergency personnel.

  • Flexibility

    Helicopters provide quick travel between points and can land just about anywhere in an emergency. Due to their size and unique method of flight, helicopters can help first responders and law enforcement during accidents or natural disasters, and there are a variety of sizes of copters available to handle heavy lifting or transport.

The Federal Need for Helicopters by Industry

Government Helicopter SupportGovernment Helicopter Support

The advantages of helicopter used by various government entities cannot be disputed, but choosing how to choose which helicopter to charter for best results requires some insight into the needs of different government entities. It is important to remain flexible and choose based on the present needs of the agency instead of the presumed use of specific models and styles of helicopters.

Government Helicopter support for The U.S. Forest Service might include hauling huge logs from one area to another, which would require the use of a heavy-lift helicopter such as the Skycrane. On the other hand, at another time that same agency might require a lighter craft for firefighting assistance or mapping/surveying. Some other government support industries that often require the use of helicopters to provide their services include

Construction - Government Helicopter Support


City and federal construction crews need the help of helicopters on a daily basis, from transport to hauling heavy construction equipment to construction sites. Whether it's hauling and delivering land erosion materials or placing large rooftop units, utility poles or anything in between, a helicopter lift can be a useful tool for saving project time and money.

Disaster Response Services - Government Helicopter Support

Disaster Response Services

In the aftermath of natural disasters, helicopters can provide much-needed support for first responders and humanitarian agencies. Whether transporting doctors and medical supplies to communities isolated by hurricane damage or flooding or participating in search and rescue missions after an earthquake, agencies need the flexibility and efficiency of helicopters.

Law Enforcement - Government Helicopter Support

Law Enforcement

The FBI and DEA, as well as other national law enforcement agencies, utilize helicopters to search for dangerous fugitives, transport prisoners or law enforcement personnel and conduct aerial surveillance and mapping of known drug routes or locations. The maneuverability and advanced technology available in modern helicopters allow these agencies to perform their duties more effectively.

Scientific Research - Government Helicopter Support

Scientific Research

Global climate change and the shrinking of natural habitats make it vital for scientists to study the environment on a large scale. The use of helicopters to survey and map wildlife, record meteorological data, and climate trends, and study the topography of landforms from the air allow scientists to continue their important research without the constraints of dangerous or inhospitable terrain.

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Helicopter Fleet Options

FairLifts has the ability to provide you with the right size and style of a helicopter for your specific needs. From general-purpose helicopters to machines capable of heavy lifting, we can deploy individual or multiple helicopters to the location needed within the hour. Some of the common types of helicopters we use include:

Airbus H125 (AS350 B3E) - Government Helicopter Support

Airbus H125 (AS350 B3E)

Both versatile and reliable, this general-use helicopter is useful for government personnel transport, medical evacuations, natural disaster evaluation and search and rescue, as well as many other tasks that more bulky aircraft would have difficulty completing. It is also reliable and performs well in extreme environments, making it the perfect helicopter for endurance missions. The external load capability of the H125 is 3086 pounds.

Bell 212 "Skycrane" - Government Helicopter Support

Bell 212

This is the civilian version of the "Huey" helicopter originally used by the Army. It has a twin-engine design for increased safety, making it a popular helicopter for use in the offshore oil and gas industries. It is spacious enough to fit up to 13 passengers and can carry and external load of 5,000 pounds. With added features like a winch or under-slung bucket, this helicopter excels at search and rescue missions and firefighting in rough terrain.

Sikorsky S-64 "Skycrane" - Government Helicopter Support

Sikorsky S-64 "Skycrane"

For those who need more hauling capacity for heavy lifting jobs, the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane, known in some circles as an aerial crane, is the best option. With a hauling capacity of up to 20,000 pounds and a design well-suited for carrying a variety of bulky items, the S-64 is popular for government construction and large-scale transport services.

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Helicopter Support Government Services

Government contract work requires experienced professionals who know the machines and the industry. FairLifts can easily arrange helicopter support for any government service, be it construction, inspections, search and rescue, or survey work. FairLifts experts can match any project with the right helicopter so the job gets done quickly and efficiently. Let us quickly get any government project off the ground.

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