Helicopter Recovery Services

Salvage Recovery simplified via Helicopters.

Helicopters make Salvage Recovery Operations a breeze

Hundreds of people have contributed to the evolution of the helicopter. Today, the helicopter is a widely used aircraft with numerous applications from transportation to aerial salvage and recovery operations. When time is of the essence and accessibility is an issue, the call goes out for the versatile and reliable array of helicopter recovery services.

Helicopters have fast become an invaluable tool in firefighting and law enforcement operations. These rotary winged aircraft are often spurred into action to assist in search and rescue operations involving missing people, pets and even criminal suspects since they can cover a wide area of territory in a short time. Helicopters provide a bird’s-eye view and get personnel in position to assist injured victims.

Since specialized helicopters are now equipped with superior lift technology, they can be employed in aerial salvage operations that include removing vehicles from mountainsides after an accident or retrieving damaged equipment from remote locations. When natural disasters leave a wake of devastation, helicopter salvage operations assist in a multitude of jobs from bringing in equipment and supplies to clearing large debris.

Meet the Aerial Salvage Team

Helicopter Recovery Services

Erickson’s S-64 E and F models are ideal for evacuating debris, vehicles and other hard-to-move objects while the company’s Eurocopter AS350 is perfect for search and rescue operations. This model has light lift capabilities and it can also carry up to six passengers. Helicopter recovery services, of course, involve removing damaged vehicles or equipment, though they also often necessitate bringing people in to or out of remote locales.

Helicopter Recovery Services

Boeing hits the air at full speed with its heavy-lift twin-engine helicopters that sport tandem rotors. These types of helicopters, including the CH-47D, can be utilized extensively in firefighting operations. Airbus is another top-of-the-line helicopter manufacturer that offers up helicopters that are fully equipped to participate in light, medium or heavy-weight salvage tasks and firefighting missions. Airbus helicopters were in the air to help battle Canada’s epic 2016 wildfire.

Employ Helicopter Salvage Operations

As the world grows, changes and widens in scope, industries must adapt to meet those advancements. Helicopters have continued to evolve since their inception to adapt to the always-changing environment. Once only thought to be a mode of transportation, helicopters have fast become an essential tool. Aerial salvage and recovery helicopter services have now made their way into many industries across the globe.

Helicopters have revolutionized the construction industry by broadening its range. The same can be said for aerial salvage. Helicopters can remove damaged equipment from the hardest to reach places as well as bring in supplies to repair or complete building jobs, letting residential and commercial revitalization continue to expand without causing additional disruption to the environment. Unlike conventional salvage vehicles and airplanes, helicopters don’t need roads or runways. Aerial lifts have also brought new life to the logging industry, but what happens when equipment breaks down, injuries occur or supplies come up short? Helicopter recovery services can fly in the necessary materials and even transport injured personnel to the closest hospital much faster than trucks traveling via roadways.

When wildfires rage, damage to property, people and the environment mount. Helicopters have become a firefighting mainstay, which also means helicopter recovery services in this industry have skyrocketed as well. Aerial recovery services assist in bringing personnel in and out in addition to removing debris that prevents firefighters from doing their job on the ground. Airlift helicopters are fast becoming vital to infrastructure repairs across the globe. Helicopter salvage operations can be used to remove damaged parts of bridges, roadways and more, making them an essential component to infrastructure issues that plague cities around the world.

Utilize Helicopter Recovery Services

Whether it’s assisting in a missing person search or helping with cleanup after a hurricane or natural disaster, aerial salvage services can go where traditional vehicles and equipment cannot. Contact Fair Lift Helicopter Recovery Services to see what can be done to solve your particular issue from the air.

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