Connecticut Helicopter Aerial Application for Agriculture

Wet or Dry Fertilizer Spraying, Pest Control, frost Prevention & More


Connecticut Helicopter Aerial Application for Agriculture


Wet or Dry Fertilizer Spraying, Pest Control, frost Prevention & More

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Helicopter application for AG-Operations in Connecticut

Aerial applications for agricultural projects are becoming increasingly popular. Both cost-effective and efficient, aerial applications in Connecticut allow for crop treatment and protection of vital food supplies. Helicopters afford the ability to reach remote areas in record time and provide with limited environmental impact.

Aerial applications are also versatile. Treatment chemicals can be mixed and loaded directly on the nurse/platform trucks that transport helicopters, saving time and transportation costs. The Robinson R44 and BELL 47, which are are often used in helicopter aerial applications in Connecticut, are compact aircraft that afford large quantities of spray, can be easily transported and have lower fuel costs.

FairLifts schedules spray service solutions to farmers and growers in Connecticut , and provides additional services, such as, crop surveys, line inspections and more. Operated by expert pilots that hold Growsafe and Chemical handler certifications, our network of affiliate helicopters are equipped with DGPS to ensure precision applications.

Aerial application in Connecticut Aerial application in Connecticut

Agriculture in the Nutmeg State

Connecticut has the highest per-capita income, human development index (0.962), and median household income in the US, and agriculture plays an important part in the state’s robust economy, adding $4.8 billion to the state’s revenues each year. More than 60 percent of the state is farmland, forest and open space, which affords significant natural resources and enhances the environment. Connecticut has a wide array of nursery and greenhouse products, including ornamental shrubs, flowers, bedding plants, trees and much more, which average 45 percent of the state’s farm receipts.

The state produces many traditional row crops, such as corn and soybeans, and specialty crops like fresh produce and forestry products. Connecticut’s agribusiness industry includes numerous companies that maintain the state's farmers and ranchers, including major processing and packing companies as well as global exports. Aerial application in Connecticut enables farm efficiency and productivity by covering large areas efficiently and effectively. Helicopters can be used to spray, treat and protect crops, such as, tobacco, alfalfa, apples, sweet corn and maples for syrup production.

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Helicopter Aerial Application Options in Connecticut

FairLifts schedules an array of aerial application solutions in Connecticut, including crop surveys and dry and wet spraying. Helicopters provide a more precise and consistent coverage of agricultural crops, working more quickly and limiting the environmental impact on the area. The benefits include cost and time efficiency, higher yields and productivity, increased quality products and greater profit margins. The following are just some of the options FairLifts arranges for aerial application in Connecticut.

Crop Dusting: Fungicides, Fertilizer, Watering and Seed Spray - Aerial application in Connecticut

Crop Dusting: Fungicides, Fertilizer, Etc

FairLifts schedules helicopters for an array of aerial applications, including crop dusting, topdressing, fertilizing, watering or hydroseeding. Working with an expert network of certified pilots, FairLifts provides all-inclusive services, including mixing of fungicide and crop protection products, as well as aerial application of fertilizer and hydroseeding.

Mosquito and Pest Control - Aerial application in Connecticut

Mosquito and Pest Control

Mosquitos and pests can cost the agricultural industry millions of dollars in losses each year, endangering crops and jeopardizing the quality of products. Luckily, helicopters allow for easy access to crop areas and fields with limited environmental impact. Working with a network of pilots trained in minimizing pesticide drift and spray drift, adulticide and larvicide applications, FairLifts guarantees superior aerial applications for incomparable results.

Brush and Weed Control - Aerial application in Connecticut

Brush and Weed Control

Aerial applications of herbicides can be done much more quickly than ground applications, precisely and evenly spreading vast areas. Able to reach rugged terrains and remote areas, aerial applications enable crops to be protected from noxious weeds and brush encroachments.

Frost Prevention and Treatment - Aerial application in Connecticut

Frost Prevention and Treatment

Given Connecticut’s variable climate, frost is a reality during the fall and winter months. Aerial applications of frost prevention and treatment includes drying, or spraying crops with frost prevention treatments. To ensure continued service during winter months, FairLifts can schedule periodic treatments for vast agricultural areas.

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Aerial application in Connecticut Aerial application in Connecticut

Modern Solutions for Aerial Application in Connecticut

FairLifts works with the most professional and experienced pilots and operators working in the agricultural aviation industry. Each of our agents is well-versed in assisting farmers in producing higher and better quality yields in Connecticut and can assist you in your own growth. Simply contact us seven days a week to discuss environmentally and neighborly crop dusting and spraying this next growing season.

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We work hard to provide helicopter solutions for farms and agricultural businesses in all of these areas and more in Connecticut....

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