Offshore Operations from Pascagoula, Mississippi

Helicopter Support for Oil Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico


Offshore Operations from Pascagoula, Mississippi


Helicopter Support for Oil Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico

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Oil Platform Helicopter Support: Offshore Operations in Pascagoula, Mississippi

Welcome to one of the nation’s unspoken destinations for effective offshore operations. Pascagoula, Mississippi exists as far more than an ideal location for offshore oil support: it’s also an optimal flying location, characterized by lengthy periods of weather conducive for sustained, secure flight. Even while you’re hard at work, you’ll fly above local attractions that include Pascagoula Beach Park, Round Island Lighthouse and the Old Spanish Fort Museum.

Like all of Jackson County, Pascagoula is typified by its friendly beach climate, sporting mild temperatures and moderate offshore winds. Offshore helicopter support would be hard-pressed to find a better home than Pascagoula, Mississippi.

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Pascagoula, Mississippi Offshore Operations and Services

Readily affordable and available at a moment’s notice, offshore helicopter services provided exclusively by FairLifts affiliate providers are the easy solution to dynamic oil complexities. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of effective helicopter support packages that can accommodate both your individual preferences, and your business budget.

Pascagoula Offshore Helicopter Crew Transportation Pascagoula, Mississippi Offshore Crew Transport

Offshore Crew Transport

The most requested use of helicopters in offshore and petrol industry operations is the safe, reliable and safe transport of crews to and from ships, platforms and remote facilities. We highlight this service simply because it is one we have years of experience in. Deepwater rigs and those ultra-deep can be over 200 miles off the coast and awaiting water transport can take too much time when you need a crew shift, or a specialist right away. Helicopters offer you safe, versatile and cost effective options in personnel transportation, passenger handling, and support major crew changes for vessels. Not only can we arrange your crew transport for the short or long term, we can also schedule specialty transport for executives, supervisors, and investors for one-time shuttles to and from base as well. Get your crew there faster, safer and with the most experienced pilots in the industry with FairLifts.

Pascagoula Helicopter Movement, Placement, Installation and Repair of Cargo and Equipment

Cargo and Equipment

Provide support to the hardworking crews facilitating all of your offshore operations, with a helicopter from a FairLifts affiliated provider. Supporting the crews on the ground, a helicopter can make some of the most challenging offshore undertaking look routine, with its unique combination of aerial speed, size and payload capacity.

Pascagoula Helicopter Crew Services: Medevac and SAR Operations

Medevac and SAR Operations

When time is of the essence, facilitate Medevac and general emergency operations with the efficiency that a helicopter alone can provide. Deliver individuals to the shore at a rapid pace, and put full-scale aerial maneuverability to work during SAR operations. Medevac and SAR operations by helicopter place you in control.

Pascagoula Helicopter Tours of the Facility and Base Inspections

Facility and Base Inspections

Provide tours of your offshore operations by helicopter, to provide individuals aboard with a holistic scope of your facilities. Whether you’re showing new hires the lay of the property, or displaying recent developments to investors, you’re afforded a viewpoint that only a helicopter provides. Perform base inspections with similar ease.

Pascagoula Helicopter On-Shore Services

On-Shore Services

Whether it’s oil and gas transport or a complete pipeline survey, any FairLifts affiliated helicopter provider is also readily familiar with on-shore services. Put the same offshore prowess to work no matter the location, for smooth transportation and survey operations.

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Pascagoula, Mississippi Helicopter Services

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