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Helicopter Charter Flights
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Helicopter Charter Flights

Helicopter charter flights and services refer to a number of services that can be facilitated by helicopter or rotary aircraft. This includes but is not limited to charters, lifts, aerial surveys, and transfers via the securing of the aircraft by either renting the entire aircraft e.g. helicopter charter flights or procuring a seat on the aircraft for one singular purpose e.g. airport transfer. The following helicopter service term list encompasses some terms you may find useful or informative in reading this page or our site as a whole.

Air Charter Service

An air charter via helicopter is the rental or securing of time on the aircraft as a whole as opposed to simply reserving a singular seat.


The blades of a helicopter are utilized to create lift which in turn affords the aircraft the means to become airborne as a result of the blades spinning.


Another term used to refer to a helicopter. Used within the civil aviation and helicopter ride and construction rental industries. See also copter, whirlybird, helo and heli.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was founded in 1958 and is the governing body for civil aviation.

Helicopter Crane

A helicopter crane or air crane is a means by which helicopters are used to convey heavy or awkwardly shaped external loads.

Helicopter Lift

Helicopter lift is the principle by which helicopters become airborne. It is an upward pushing force that overcomes the weight of the aircraft and ‘lifts’ it into the air.

Helicopter Ship / Helicopter Carrier

Helicopter ships or carriers are specialized aircraft carriers designated to operate and facilitate helicopters and their missions. Additional terminology with reference to these type of helicopter ships is Amphibious assault ships or light aircraft carriers. Examples of these are USS Iwo Jima (USN) and HMS Illustrious (RN).

Personal Helicopter

Personal helicopter refers to an individual’s personal property or aircraft of which they have ownership. The term may also be used to refer to an aircraft secured by a service provider for use at the client’s discretion.

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