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Alaska Helicopter Field Drying Solutions

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Helicopters Sport & Crop Field Drying Reinvents Ag Applications in Alaska

Field drying involves the use of ground-based agricultural applications facilitated through manpower and hardware to effectively dry an area or parcel of land following torrential rains or sudden downpours. In recent years, Alaska growers and producers have utilized helicopters in aerial field drying attempts to a wide degree of success. Aerial field drying makes use of a vertical down wash of air or rotor wash that results in a surface wind that can be utilized to rapidly dry sports fields or cropland and fruit trees in orchards.

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Alaska Helicopter Field Drying Solutions

Aerial Crop Drying is the Proven Better Option

In agricultural application, helicopter field drying has been proven advantageous over other crop drying methods because the result is a much more expedient and quality response to cropland management. In regions of Alaska prone to seasonal, torrential downpours and flooding, it's imperative that crops like barley, hay, oats, and potatoes, the most prevalent of those grown throughout the state, dry effectively. Helicopters are an excellent resource in field drying because they can concentrate their efforts on a large parcel of land and over targeted areas with multiple trees in orchards and deliver a rapid result.

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Innovative Helicopter Sports Field Drying

As the benefits of helicopter field drying became more widespread, various other industries have discovered new and inventive ways to use the principle of rotor wash to effect. This especially true for the sports industry. A number of local teams have reserved the use of helicopters to dry football, baseball and soccer fields before high profile sports events.

Experienced Ag pilots fly in a variety of models of helicopters including smaller single-engine variety carriers to larger, more powerful ground covering aircraft. Some of the heavier weigh as much as tens of thousands of pounds as opposed to the smaller models which are between 1,000 and 2,000 pounds. Larger helicopters result in a more expansive downward force, which in turn delivers more surface wind to cover more area in a single pass.

Alaska Aerial Field Drying Services

Aerial Field Drying Services

Helicopter field drying is being utilized across a range of industrial pursuits and for corporations, and agencies alike. Read on to see a complete listing of field drying services available now.

Alaska Construction Site Drying

Construction Site

For Alaska's construction and engineering operations, time is of the essence. Unexpected rainfall can cause delays for construction crews and can ruin materials and make it nearly impossible for machinery to maintain a level of functionality that keeps projects on task. Helicopters can effectively be used to dry job sites and construction zones so development in Alaska's territories can resume as usual.

Alaska Raceway/Speedway Field Drying

Raceway/Speedway Field Drying

Anchorage's Alaska Raceway Park Motorsports complex hosts a number of races annually from Mother's Day to Labor Day. Larger raceways have track drying protocols in place and make use of blowers on trucks to move water on raceways. Used in conjunction with helicopters to effectively dry the water, rain delays can be reduced by hours and minutes at times. Helicopters have also proven effective in the drying of standing water in flooded parking lots prior to raceway events.

Alaska Raceway/Speedway Field Drying

Sports Field Drying

Although some sports can be played in the rain and even snow, standing water on a field makes it impossible to practice let alone, compete effectively. Although Alaska's is lacking in major professorial sports franchises, their universities' sports programs and those attributed to intermediate schools could potentially benefit from sports field drying applications. A small shower can leave fields muddy or slightly wet but excessive saturation or pockets of standing water resulting from Alaskan torrential rains need to be remedied immediately for games to continue. Helicopters are the fastest most productive means of drying water off football fields.

Alaska Cropland Management

Cropland Management

In Alaska, greenhouse and nursery products are the leading agricultural revenue producers in the state. Alaska’s barley, hay, oats, and potato growers rely on helicopter support to deliver a timely and efficient response to dry the water off of the tops of trees. A rapid response to seasonal rains and torrential downpours is integral in maintaining the quality of fruit outputs. Helicopters can effectively dry an acre in less than 5 minutes as opposed to tractor and trailer blowing which can conversely take up to 45 minutes per acre to complete.

Alaska Candy Drops / Easter Egg Drops

Candy Drops / Easter Egg Drops

Helicopters can clear fields of standing water where community events and fundraisers are expected to take place. As seen throughout Alaska's autumnal torrential rain season, flooding and wind resulted in downed trees, standing water and debris strewn across parts of the state, helicopters can blow dry fields, parks, and community spaces so civic activities can take place on schedule.

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Alaska Sport-Crop Field Drying Applications Services Alaska Helicopter Field Drying Solutions

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FairLifts schedules helicopter field drying services across Alaska. For industrial pursuits and cropland management alike, field drying applications are facilitated by seasoned pilots who have expertise in the conduction of highly specialized operations to service any mission regardless of the size, scale or complexities involved.

Pilots and vendors are FAA certified for Parts 135 and 133 operations compliance, ensuring a quality, effective and safe result for each and every project. Reach out to us by completing the convenient contact form on the corresponding page of our website or call to speak with agents now.

FairLifts Helicopter Services
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