Helicopter Lift Service: Installing 34 One Ton A/C Units in Just 2 Hours

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Using helicopter transport to haul, deliver and install machines and materials can be useful in many contexts. However, when it comes to Heavy-duty Helicopter Lift Services to safely and securely install heavy, expensive machinery into elevated sites that are otherwise logistically exceptional in their trickiness, Helicopter lift services become irreplaceable.

This was perfectly demonstrated in a rather delicate recent project handled by the Fair Lifts charter helicopter lift service for an urban corporate client. In this particular case, professional pilots handled the delivery and careful placement of several dozen heavy-duty air conditioning units weighing nearly one ton each during a brief window of time and at minimal material and time cost.

Using a tough Airbus H-125 light utility helicopter with a sling-hauling capacity of 3,086 lbs, (1,400 kg), Fair Lifts was able to lift 34 individual air conditioning units with a per-unit weight of 1,991 lbs (903 kg) and precisely place each inside its installation bracket on the roof of a 700,000 square foot urban building roof inside a heavily congested area. Technicians on standby on the same roof were able to install each unit as it was placed into its exact space by the helicopter.

The project proceeded with careful synchronization between the helicopter service and the installation technicians until all 34 A/C devices were firmly placed during work that took a total of just two hours over the course of a single weekend at no extra cost. The client described the job as “flawless” and no accidents, mishaps, or injuries of any kind occurred during any part of this elegantly simple lift and installation procedure.

Approval for using the helicopter service to sling-carry these dozens of large loads inside the heavily trafficked urban space around the building was obtained in just seven days. The H-125 helicopter used by Fair Lifts smoothly matched its reputation for tough, agile handling of heavy cargo when piloted by trained professionals.

Lifting 34 individual mechanical units that each have roughly the size and nearly the same weight as a compact car onto the roof of an office building inside a city is never an easy task. Using a helicopter charter service like Fair Lifts, the client for this job was able to avoid the much more expensive and time-consuming alternative method of renting a large crane.

This would have required several days of installation and multiple professional operators to handle the same task of lifting the A/C devices into place. Given the spread of unit placement across the sprawling roof of the building, a crane of exceptional size would have been needed. The Fair Lifts utility helicopter was able to do the same job with minimal staff far more quickly, safely, and at a lower cost.

Fair Lifts Corporate Helicopter Charters and Lift Services has a long history of providing helicopter transport services for construction, corporate, environmental, and emergency response needs of all types. Its services are available for complex transport and surveying work in even the most delicate situations.