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Cambridge Helicopter Lift Solutions

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A Full Range of Helicopter Services for Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Helicopter Lift Services in Cambridge, Massachusetts

When time is limited, leave the helicopter logistics to the experts in Cambridge. Our exclusively offered services guarantee a professional and timely solution to your transport dilemma. We offer the most secure and expedient solution that you can trust. Our prices to travel by air have never been more affordable. You can take advantage of our abilities to install or remove HVAC units, communication towers, oil and gas equipment, and other heavy-cargo that is otherwise immovable by crane. At FairLifts, you can expect quality hospitality, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive operators without breaking the bank.

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Lowell Helicopter Lift Solutions

Cambridge, Massachusetts is Thriving With Heavy Lift Helicopters

Cambridge, Massachusetts is part of the Greater Boston area. It is famous for being home of two, world-class universities, Harvard and MIT, located just two miles apart. The major industries of Cambridge include waste and administrative management, educational services, retail trade, and manufacturing. Helicopter lifts have provided Cambridge with efficiency and accuracy when it comes to heavy-lift operations.

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Helicopter Support of Every Kind

The professional helicopter lift facilitators we work alongside or introduce our clients to have an expansive repertoire with respect to helicopter services. There is really not much they cannot do. We’ve taken this opportunity to create a catalog of services to provide a little insight into some of the most popular air crane service and external load operations we organize for our clientele.

Lowell Executive Helicopter Charters - Lowell Helicopter Lifts

Executive Charters

Fly in style to and from destinations of your choosing, for a better way to travel characterized by unrivaled speed and service alike. An executive service that delivers luxury comfort to satisfy any and all corporate functions, helicopter charters cater to executives as the transportation method of choice to avoid traffic in Cambridge and around Massachusetts.

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Lowell Helicopter Freight or Sensitive Materials - Lowell Helicopter Lift Solutions

Freight and Transport

We provide solace in knowing that your helicopter operation is in the hands of the experts. We provide everything from flight permissions and permits to ground crew and operators. Our ground crew has experience transporting sensitive materials, heavy freight, and passengers in the safest and most efficient ways possible.

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Lowell Construction Helicopter Services - Lowell Helicopter Lift Solutions

Construction Operations

The days of using massive ground cranes for placing heavy rooftop units, beams, and other major construction jobs are officially behind you! Today, helicopter lifts can do all of the above, faster and more affordable. The amount of effort that is required of you is minimal with the help of FairLifts. We manage all of your construction helicopter logistics so that everything runs smoothly and in a timely manner.

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Lowell Heavy Lift Helicopters - Lowell Helicopter Lift Solutions

Heavy Lift Helicopters

When a heavy load needs to be moved, FairLifts are the experts you need, no matter how challenging or remote the destination it is! With experience in powerline or utility installations, precision placements, and salvage efforts, no job is too big or small for our local experts!

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Lowell Helicopters for Agriculture - Lowell Helicopter Lift Solutions

Agricultural Services

With our limitless helicopter abilities, we are able to organize and execute various eco-friendly solutions! Just a few examples of our environmental efforts include heli-logging, utility servicing, emergency services, and agricultural support. Our local operators make every attempt to decrease their carbon footprint while still facilitating timber harvesting, emergency services, and more. These operators have also specialized in managing natural disaster restoration, firefighting, recovery, and salvage efforts.

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Lowell Emergency Helicopter Solutions - Lowell Helicopter Lift Solutions

Emergency Services

We have a number of operators who are engaged in life flights, emergency helicopter assistance, air ambulance endeavors, and search & rescue. When time is of the essence, these operators can provide crucial assistance in natural disasters, humanitarian aid, and patient transport.

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Lowell Helicopter Lift Solutions Lowell Helicopter Lift Solutions

We Provide More Than Just Helicopters. We Provide Solutions

Trust the experts with your next lift operation. We are a one-stop-shop for helicopter lift solutions in Cambridge. With our vast access to aircraft across the country, we can set you up with the exact helicopter and skilled operator that your mission requires. Whatever your needs are, our experts can help to fulfill them. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions that you might have, all you have to do is call.

FairLifts Helicopter Services
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FairLifts Cambridge Helicopter Lift Services proudly serves Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the following surrounding cities:

Somerville, MA - Boston, MA - Medford, MA - Brookline, MA - Everett, MA - Arlington, MA - Chelsea, MA - Watertown, MA - Belmont, MA - Malden, MA - Revere, MA - Winchester, MA - Newton, MA - Melrose, MA - Winthrop, MA

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