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Heavy Lift Helicopter Support for Stamford, Connecticut

We offer a safer and more effective means to move, reposition, or transport heavy loads to job sites, between facilities, and around work zones. Heavy lift helicopters in Stamford, Connecticut are outfitted with cargo hooks to facilitate the movement of heavy objects, equipment, and vehicles to a variety of locations and across various types of terrain.

We offer an assortment of helicopter lift solutions for any major project. Through our network, we can find the nearest and best helicopter for the job. From executive charters to construction and emergency helicopter lifts, when you need the materials or aid, we supply the right tools, right away.

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Stamford Helicopter Lifts

Stamford Helicopter Heavy Lifts with FairLifts

Stamford is the third largest city in the state of Connecticut. It is approximately 30 miles from Manhattan. It is home to four Fortune 500 Companies among other large corporations. Helicopter lifts are popular in this area for installation and deconstruction of HVAC units, transmission towers, and transportation of personnel and equipment. From charters to utility assistance, the experts at FairLifts will handle all of the logistics so you don’t have to!

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Helicopter Support of Every Kind

The professional helicopter lift facilitators we work alongside or introduce our clients to have an expansive repertoire with respect to helicopter services. There is really not much they cannot do. We’ve taken this opportunity to create a catalog of services to provide a little insight into some of the most popular air crane service and external load operations we organize for our clientele.

Stamford Executive Charters

Executive Charters

Helicopters are perfect for short distance transports when you want to avoid traffic or land in places that fixed-wing aircraft cannot. Helicopters eliminate the long lines at the airports and offer passengers the ability to travel privately and bring more baggage than passengers are allowed to have when flying commercially.

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Stamford Freight and Transport

Freight and Transport

Conveyance of outsized or heavy cargo or freight is made simpler via the use of a helicopter. Helicopters are a more accurate and faster mode of transport for cargo when compared to fixed-wing aircraft. They are capable of delivering air freight cargo to a number of remote destinations in-accessible by planes and can maneuver effectively through city-scapes.

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Stamford Construction Operations

Construction Operations

From transporting heavy structural elements to delivering provisions and personnel to remote areas, helicopters have a huge range of applications across the construction industry. In most cases, helicopters provide a safer, cheaper, faster, and more accurate alternative to overland machinery.

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Stamford Heavy Lift Helicopters

Heavy Lift Helicopters

When a heavy load needs to be moved, FairLifts are the experts you need, no matter how challenging or remote the destination it is! With experience in powerline or utility installations, precision placements, and salvage efforts, no job is too big or small for our local experts!

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Stamford Agricultural Services

Agricultural Services

Used to the benefit of the agricultural industry in precision crop spraying of pesticides, fungicides and plant treatment for overwatering. Agricultural helicopters can be used to count tree or sapling populations and inspect crops, plants, and fruit more effectively.

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Stamford Helicopters

Safe, Simple, & Accurate Results

The services listed on this site are just a small picture of the multitude of services we can accommodate for our clientele. Between our experienced pilots, expert ground crews, and local operators, we have every angle covered with respect to successfully managing any of your helicopter needs. Getting started is really simple, just call! We will provide accurate answers in regards to any price quotes, service specifics, and reserving your helicopter solution!

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Stamford, Connecticut Helicopter Services Stamford, Connecticut Helicopter Services

FairLifts Makes the Process Effortless

Simply give us a call, we will discuss your budget, provide a free quote, and answer any questions you may have about our helicopter solutions. From experienced pilots to an assortment of helicopters and additional ground crew services, we will deliver services on a level of excellence that you can depend on.

FairLifts Helicopter Services
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