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Helicopter Rentals

FairLifts provides versatile helicopter services for any major project you may have and for executive travel. Whether you need a heavy piece of machinery lifted and transported to a remote site or you simply need to schedule a pick-up from the airport, we can handle it with our comprehensive helicopter rental services.

Helicopters offer a level of flexibility that other aerial machinery simply cannot. They have the ability to hover, move backward and in tight spaces so there is no job too big or small. Looking to ski on the most pristine untouched mountainside? What about if you simply need a heating unit transported to a building top that typical cranes can’t reach? The simplest and most convenient solution is a helicopter lift.

Our helicopter rental specialists are available to walk you through the process, step by step, to ensure you have all of your needs taken care of and consultations with quotes are always free. We want to make sure whatever job you are hiring us for is completed successfully and up to your standards if not beyond.

For more information on renting a helicopter for your project

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What can helicopter rentals through FairLifts do for you?

With a network of operators that spans the globe, there is very little in terms of what we can’t do and fit into your budget. Projects we work on include but are never simply limited to:

  • Construction Helicopter Services Including Aircranes, Oil/Gas Transportation, and Conveyance of Crews of Machinery
  • Heavy Lifting Such as Telephone Poles, Power Lines and for Logging
  • Freight or Sensitive Material Shipments
  • Executive Charters and Hotel Pick-Up and Drop-Off
  • Surveying Including Site Mapping and Pipeline Patrols
  • Crop Dusting and Agricultural Solutions
  • Emergency Services Including Go-Now Operations and Rescue Missions
Helicopter Rental
Helicopter Rental

Helicopter Rentals With Fair Lifts

Helicopter Rental
Helicopter Rental

Helicopter Rentals you reserve through FairLifts are orchestrated to your exact specifications. With the maneuverability of the helicopters themselves, we can schedule them to assist during times of crisis, if you simply need a transport solution to a location not easily accessed by other vehicles or even if you need a lift in a large city center. Once you call us, we'll pair you with a highly experienced lift manager who will discuss with you your options, what the job entails and have your project scheduled within the hour. With a fleet of some of the finest aircraft in the world to choose from, why waste more of your project time and efficiency? Call us and let us show you how we can not only get the job done faster, but save you money in the process.

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