Aerial Pipeline Survey, New Orleans

Aerial Pipeline Survey, New Orleans

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Fast, Accurate and Less Environmentally Intrusive, Aerial Pipeline Surveys in New Orleans

Aerial pipeline surveys conducted for the oil and gas industries from helicopters are the fastest most accurate means of executing pipeline inspections. Surveys are performed routinely to look for anomalies or leaks that could cause service interruptions or displacement of resources into the surrounding environments. Natural resource providers rely on the accuracy of these surveys to keep their product moving to various markets throughout the state of Louisiana where complex pipeline systems servicing a national demand for gas and oil are concentrated, especially within the coastal communities. As New Orleans is a city with a larger concentration of inhabitants there is also a wider demand for access to vital energy resources like oil and natural gas to reach the homes and businesses there.

FairLifts, a leader in coordinating helicopter support for aerial surveys for natural resource distributors works alongside local vendors to ensure the city of New Orleans has access to the vital resources their community needs. Experienced operators, pilots and ground crew work tirelessly to ensure aerial surveys are conducted safely, accurately and timely. State of the art helicopters fitted with innovative laser and GPS technologies can be coordinated and dispatched throughout the New Orleans and surrounding communities on-demand.

Per the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, an estimated 50,000 miles of desegregated pipelines bisect major highways, intercoastal waterways, and railways across the state. A massive concentration of Louisiana pipelines that extend from the Gulf Coast onto communities located throughout the United States is a key contributor to the overall economy. As New Orleans is situated in close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, this means a large portion of the city has pipeline installed. As the city is significantly more prone to flooding as a result of its nearness to the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain, as well as from storm surges, maintaining pipeline integrity is crucial.

Pipeline surveys may be conducted in many ways with the most effective being aerially from a helicopter. Not only does this provide an elevated perspective which allows for the inspection to extend for miles, but operators can also survey more than one installation at a time. Helicopters are inherently designed to perform surveys because they can maneuver into areas traditional vehicles cannot and can fly at lower elevations producing an opportunity for closer inspection.

Aerial surveys are additionally less harmful to sensitive environments. The transmission of natural resources to New Orleans is a must and therefore at times, pipeline that could pose risks to the environment may need to be installed. Recently a federal appeals court issued an injunction against a company trying to establish a crude oil pipeline across the environmentally fragile Atchafalaya Basin Swamp. The panel of federal judges wants to be certain that if the construction of the 163-mile pipeline must continue, contingencies are in place to avoid the oil leaking into the swamp and counterproductively interfering with the fragile ecological community that is in existence there. This is all the more reason why aerial pipeline surveys are more beneficial than those conducted terrestrially. Not only are they more accurate in yielding results to isolate and repair leaks or fractures so products aren’t harmfully displaced throughout sensitive environments, but aerial inspections leave a significantly less noticeable footprint in the process.

Aerial pipeline surveys mitigate the need for ground crews and supplementary resources because the helicopter can easily facilitate a host of applications necessary to yield an expedited and accurate result. Helicopters may be utilized in preliminary surveys and right of way acquisition for major interstate pipelines as well as an array of maintenance tasks to maintain the integrity of beneficial pipeline assets.

Natural resource providers in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana can contact FairLifts to secure helicopter support for pipeline inspections and aerial surveys. While online, simply complete the convenient contact form located on the contact page of our website. Agents typically respond within less than 24 hours. Or, if you’d like to speak with an agent now, you can call 1-800-318-8940 to start the process today.

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