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Types of Helicopter Search and Rescue Operations

There are many different kinds of helicopter Search and Rescue that can be seen across the country on an almost daily basis. Helicopters provide quick and urgent transportation for rescue crews and patients. Their ability to maneuver and hover in ways that fixed-wing makes helicopter the preferrable choice with emergency transport in rural areas. Helicopters in search and rescue operations can be helpful in a multitude of environments like:

Ground Searches

On-foot searches are effective in areas that have dense coverage. Helicopters provide close overhead support and are on standby in case immediate emergency transport is necessary.

Mountain Searches

Helicopters have been known to provide swift assistance with search and rescue operations that are located in areas of high elevation. Helicopters provide the ability to cover large areas in short periods of time.

Cave Rescues

Searching caves can be dangerous and time-consuming. Helicopters provide urgent assistance for search parties and injured explorers. Our helicopters also come equipped with first responder crews that offer immediate medical attention when required.

Urban Search and Rescue

Weaving in and out of buildings while searching from a helicopter is a difficult task. It’s one that requires years of experience and precision. Our helicopter operators and crew are equipped, prepared, and experienced for these conditions. Helicopters are the perfect vehicle for search and rescue options in urban areas.

Maritime Search and Rescue

Just flying over large bodies of water requires precision and expertise that not all pilots have. Search and rescue operations also require special equipment such as amphibious helicopters and support crew. We specialize in these types of operations.

FairLifts Search and Rescue Services

All of the operations above require a special skill set that no ordinary pilot is going to have. You need experience, equipment, and determination to complete such urgent operations. The experts at FairLifts not only have the expertise, but they also have the drive to get the job done in the most efficient and precise manner. Emergency situations require an immediate response, we can provide that and much more. When time is of the essence, trusting the experts is your best option!

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