Helicopter Hurricane Support in Pensacola, Florida

Helicopter Hurricane Support in Pensacola, Florida

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History of Hurricanes in Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola, Florida boasts a wide range of tropical storms from hurricanes to tornadoes every year. A whopping total of over 500 tropical storms or cyclones have affected Florida. In fact, Florida has more storms each year than any other state in the entire nation. Unfortunately, these storms have contributed to over 10,000 deaths and $191 billion in damages. Around $123 billion in damages occurred over the last 20 years.

Pensacola, Florida and Storms

Pensacola, Florida has experienced much damage as well. The cities location in the panhandle makes it susceptible to hurricanes forming over the Gulf of Mexico. In recent times, nine hurricanes have wreaked damage upon the city. In 2004, Hurricane Ivan caused $6 billion of damages, completely obliterating 10,000 homes and producing damage to another 27,000.

How a Helicopter Can Help

The good news is helicopters can prove to be a valuable resource in emergency situations. A helicopter can provide vital search and rescue missions, charter people away from the storm, conduct surveys (including the damage resulting from a storm), provide emergency lifts, and personnel transport.

Search and Rescue Missions

Time is of the essence anytime a disaster strikes. A helicopter has the unique ability to travel to tough to reach locations, including out to sea, or over rough mountainous terrain. The aerial view gives a helicopter the advantage to search for people who need help, and its ability to hover proves a crucial role when scouting an area in Pensacola, Florida.

Conduct Surveys

From above a helicopter has the ability to analyze the damage inflicted from any hurricane or tornado in Pensacola, Florida or anywhere else in the state.

Charters and Emergency Lifts

A helicopter can help rescue anybody in dire need, helping take people away from a dangerous area. This is true for just transportation services or if somebody is hurt a helicopter can transport people to a nearby hospital.

Rebuilding Efforts

Helicopters can also play an important role in helping restoration efforts after a hurricane. This may include rebuilding structures such as bridges and transporting personnel to where they need to go.

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