Helicopter Support for Hurricanes in Myrtle Beach, SC

Helicopter Support for Hurricanes in Myrtle Beach, SC

Fair Lifts Emergency Helicopter Services

FairLifts schedules urgent helicopter support for hurricanes in Myrtle Beach, SC, including search and rescue, charters, surveys, emergency lifts, personnel transport, and much more. Our global network of helicopter operators guarantees immediate and affordable service during hurricane season in South Carolina.

The 2018 hurricane season in Myrtle Beach, SC, began on June 1 and extends through November 30. Hurricane Hugo in 1989 caused 35 deaths and injured several hundred people in South Carolina. Damage was estimated to exceed $7 billion, including $2 billion in crop damage. The forests in 36 counties along the path of the storm also sustained major damage. Ten years later, Hurricane Floyd triggered mandatory coastal evacuations along the South Carolina coast and caused major flooding across the state.

Area energy companies, contractors, and hurricane specialists are dedicated to improving forecasting, planning, and developing solutions to avoid loss of life and minimize property damage during hurricane season. New technology permits meteorologists and businesses to properly predict major storms and their paths, enabling helicopter operators to plan secure evacuation routes.

Energy companies and contractors are committed to safety, guarding facilities, and preserving oil and gas production. Most companies will evacuate crews at least three days before conditions deteriorate, employing companies such as FairLifts to arrange helicopters for retreat operations. Our network of operators delivers helicopters that can move 12 people at a time from any location. Flights normally run from sunrise to sunset with pilots limited to 10 hours of flight time a day.

In the aftermath of a hurricane, FairLifts can arrange helicopters for search and rescue operations, surveys of destruction or damage, as well as heavy lifts to transport replacement equipment to onshore and offshore locations. Skilled pilots guarantee secure, immediate and affordable helicopter solutions during hurricane season for production and exploration operations, ad hoc supply and equipment delivery missions, emergency flights, freight and cargo services, and company tours.

FairLifts is dedicated to ensuring life-saving helicopter service with the newest aircraft furnished with medical staff and equipment, and also to assisting companies before and after a hurricane strikes.

Contact a FairLifts representative today to design your 2018 hurricane evacuation plan in Myrtle Beach, SC, and to arrange helicopters for crucial support during hurricane season.

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