Helicopter Support for Hurricanes in Wilmington, North Carolina

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North Carolina as a whole has suffered damages from many hurricanes. Wilmington, North Carolina is no different. Like many oceanside towns, Wilmington has been a victim to many hurricanes as well as severe storms over the years.

Hurricane Floyd was the most powerful storm to hit Wilmington, NC. This happened in 1999. Out of the 57 people killed by the storm, 35 of them were in North Carolina. The damages from Hurricane Floyd totaled to $1.32 billion. The hurricane brought flood levels in the state to new heights; higher levels than were seen in the previous 500 years.

Helicopter Relief

While hurricane relief efforts can come in various forms, one of the most effective machines designed by man to assist those in need is a helicopter. A helicopter can perform many important tasks after a hurricane or a heavy storm strikes an area. A few of these tasks include completing search and rescue missions, conducting aerial surveys, providing emergency lifts, performing aerial photography and videography, and transporting people to where they need to go. A helicopter is a versatile flying machine that operates with precision, hovering above offering a bird’s eye view and provides assistance exactly when needed.

Aerial Surveys

A helicopter flying above an area can provide more of an insight than anybody can on the ground. Many times after a hurricane hits, it is not even safe to survey damage from the ground due to debris and often flooding. A helicopter provides an aerial survey to convey the damage which occurred. This includes damaged and destroyed houses and businesses. A helicopter provides a safe way to look at an area after a storm and performs the survey promptly.

Aerial Photography & Videography

How do you think all of the aerial footage of hurricanes was maintained? A flying object, in most cases, a helicopter took photos or videos of the damage below so the general public can get an idea of what took place.

Helicopter Search and Rescue Efforts

When it comes to a hurricane or heavy storm in Wilmington, NC, (or anywhere for that matter), a helicopter can assist with search and rescue efforts. If somebody is stranded, a helicopter can assist in locating them and rescuing from an area.

Emergency Transportation and Personnel Transportation

As already stated, a helicopter can rescue a person from danger to a safer location. This also applies if a person has sustained serious injuries. A helicopter provides a fast and reliable emergency transportation service. When time is critical, a helicopter can deliver an injured victim to a precise location, such as a hospital and land on the nearest helipad.

If crew members need to be in a certain location, a helicopter can help with this as well. This includes performing repairs, such as on a bridge or other structure. A helicopter can transport tools, supplies, and perform heavy lifting as well.

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