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Hurricane Helicopter Support in Miami

Fair Lifts Emergency Helicopter Services

FairLifts Is Always Prepared for Hurricane Season

Hurricanes in Miami used to be a once-a-year phenomenon. Today, it’s a New Normal with hurricanes occurring with more frequency and more intensity than in years past. Given this new reality, it’s critical to stay prepared. In Miami, Florida, FairLifts can assist with helicopter support for evacuations or search and rescue when hurricanes hit.

FairLifts stands by all year long but especially during hurricanes in Miami. At the first call, FairLifts‘ professionally-trained customer service representatives will review your needs and put you in touch with one of our network’s regional helicopter partners. Whether your need is for search and rescue, evacuations or medical crew transport; FairLifts will put together a logistics team that can help with your emergency planning.

Specially-Equipped Helicopters

Our partners have a range of helicopters that can provide support during destructive hurricanes in Miami. For example, the Sikorsky S-92 SAR is equipped with the latest search and rescue technology. FairLifts can work with you to assess which teams can provide the best knowledge and assistance onboard and on the ground.

These helicopters use weather radar, digital maps and advanced search and thermal imaging technology. The S-92 helicopter also has enough room to carry additional cargo like extra fuel tanks, cargo hooks and all the gear that rescue personnel require to get the job done.

The S70i SAR is a beauty of a helicopter with many of the same features as the S-92 SAR. Additionally, the S70i possesses automatic flight control as well as searchlights and personnel locators. Many of the helicopters used for search and rescue are equipped with at least three hours worth of fuel on hand. This means that helicopters can remain on the scene of a hurricane or other emergency for a longer period of time. Time makes the difference between lives saved and lost.

Helicopter Support for Surveys

Helicopters have an amazing adaptability because they can perform so many jobs in much less time than ground crews. The real estate industry relies on helicopters for accurate information during surveys. Sometimes the only way to really get a total picture of a property’s boundary lines is to see everything from the air. Plus, helicopter support significantly cuts down on the survey time, creating a cost-cutting incentive for you.

FairLifts can schedule a pilot and helicopter for your survey with just a few hours’ notice. FairLifts handles all the details for you. No hassle over finding and interviewing a pilot. Our network of helicopter operators hire only the most qualified pilots with the best safety records. The helicopters are regularly maintained, safety checked and double-checked so that they are always ready to go at a moment’s notice. Feel secure in knowing that you are hiring the most professional helicopter crews in the world. Nothing is left to chance.

Crew Transport

During vicious hurricanes in Miami, flooded roads, toppled trees and other obstacles on the ground can mean that emergency crews can’t do the important evacuations that save lives. When conditions deteriorate, count on FairLifts to connect you with operators who have reliable helicopters that can safely transport both medical and other emergency personnel. Plus, the helicopter needs to have a capacity that can handle the extra weight of gear and equipment.

Contact FairLifts for Hurricane Helicopter Support in Miami

Miami is a beautiful place to be for fun and sun. But when hurricane season rears its ugly head, turn to FairLifts to provide information on the safest, most reliable emergency transport for evacuations and search and rescue operations.

FairLifts‘ customer support teams are at the ready 24/7, rain or shine. Fill in the online form below and a customer service representative will reach out to you within 24 hours. Or, call FairLifts at 1-800-318-8940, anytime.

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