How Helicopter Charters Can Help You

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When it comes to traveling moderate distances between destinations, there’s almost no vehicle that can beat a charter helicopter on flexibility and access. Not even other types of aircraft quite match a helicopter’s ability to travel point-to-point and often right to a specific, compact spot of your choice.

Helicopters can also pick you up from nearly any setting while being able to set you straight down in almost any other location. Even the smallest fixed-wing aircraft can’t match this due to their need for at least some amount of runway length.

Because of their superbly adaptable and sturdy design, helicopters aren’t just ideal for charter travel assignments. They can also land or evacuate people and cargo in some of the world’s most hostile and remote locations. Whether you rapidly need to leave a dense urban center or a soaking jungle, most small to mid-sized civilian charter helicopters can get you in or out so long as there are 100 feet of open space nearby. For many models, even less is necessary.

In other words, you can use helicopters with equal comfort and convenience whether you’re going on a business trip, a camping adventure, or a photography shoot in some isolated spot. You can also have your helicopter charter land a range of targets such as:

  • Private Yachts
  • Ships
  • Buildings
  • Gardens
  • Nature Resorts
  • Your Own Personal Wilderness Retreat

The above are just some of the civilian transport-oriented options around helicopter charters. There are also many other uses for these powerfully versatile machines: If you need the services of a transport solution that can let you haul heavy construction equipment into locations where not even off-road vehicles can reach, heavy-lift helicopters are the perfect solution.

These professionally piloted machines can drop or pick up almost anything in any location, even among tall trees. A robust system of extremely strong cables or ropes can be used to lift loads as diverse as generators, furniture, sensitive freight, and even cattle, among many other types of exotic cargo.

Contrary to frequently held belief, many helicopter models have no trouble lifting even extremely heavy loads. Even a light utility model can carry anywhere from 1,200 to over 4,000 lbs per load, and some of the world’s most powerful heavy-lift choppers can haul over 40,000 lbs.

Fair Lifts helicopter charters offer transportation solutions for all the above situations and many more. Its fleet of machines includes choppers for both executive business trips and heavy construction cargo transport to nearly anywhere.