Aerial Precision Placement of Signage Made Easy with Heavy lift Helicopters

Aerial Precision Placement of Signage Made Easy with Heavy lift Helicopters

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Business owners know that an effective means of generating interest in their company or corporation is as simple as introducing the company name or logo into a public forum. This is especially important in a heavily populated metropolitan environment where there are loads of competitors equally vested in similar pursuances. One way companies can set themselves apart is by developing dynamic billboards or signage featuring their branding where passersby and potential consumers can see it. Often business owners invest a huge amount of money in the crafting of illuminated or electronic signs to be placed on pylons, walls, and towers high enough that the sign is clearly visible from miles away.

Generally speaking, these signs are large and heavy which means companies have to come up with a creative solution for the precise placement of the sign. In cityscapes that have a considerable number of high rises, signage may need to be lifted and placed into higher elevations or maneuvered into tightly packed or difficult to access locations. The installation of signage onto high rises poses even more of a challenge due to the number of elements that need to be considered during the placement operations. Like concern for damage to adjacent properties, public safety, and the building’s accessibility.

Companies spare no expense in the placement of signs and branding on high rises because they are guaranteed to be noticed by the pedestrian and vehicular traffic passing beneath them. Often, these signs become iconic images used in a variety of ways and generating free publicity for long periods of time. As is the case of the crimson red “New Yorker” sign set atop The New Yorker, a Wyndham Hotel, in New York City or the celebrated electronic crown lights perched on top the PECO Building in Center City, Philadelphia. And, although they aren’t situated on high rises, a similar type of renown applies to various signs throughout the country situated in hard to reach or busy metropolitan locations as is the case of the Hollywood sign ensconced on Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills and the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign at McCarran International Airport’s Terminal 3 in Las Vegas Nevada.

One of the most ideal means of aerial precision placement of signage is via the use of heavy lift helicopters. In fact, the design of helicopters is intrinsic to accessing hard to reach locations and in the accurate placement of large, heavy or awkwardly shaped objects. Especially in the case of signage. This is because of the helicopter’s ability to maneuver in ways traditional cranes and other aircraft cannot. They are also pretty powerful for being relatively small in size as a result of state of the art engine design and their ability to hover for an extensive amount of time. This makes them ideal in the high elevation installation of artwork, billboards, and signs. Helicopters are so maneuverable and accurate for example: they have even been used to string Christmas lights between poles.

Making use of heavy-lift helicopters is not only beneficial because of the aircraft itself, but also due to the skill and agility the pilot and installation crew possesses. Precision placement operators make efforts to employ seasoned pilots and crew with years of experience in the accurate installation of signage and in longline and external load operations. The safety of the public and workers is their utmost concern as well as is the integrity of the sign itself. The crews are not only experienced in the placement of the sign but also in the maintenance and repair of the signs sensitive electronic components should they exist.

If you’re looking to secure heavy lift helicopter installation of a sign or company logo or need to repair or reinvent your signage for branding purposes, call FairLifts. Operators are available 24 hours a day seven days a week to discuss your project with you. They can additionally answer questions about local operators and the details regarding your specific task and even deliver a complimentary price estimation. After all, an exciting and impressive sign is a terrible thing to waste.

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