San Diego Hospital Emergency HVAC Installation During Pandemic

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The Expert Approach

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many hospitals around the world are making adjustments and adding Emergency HVAC Installation, to prepare for an influx of patients. Palomar Medical Center has created a care center add-on in which they needed 5 new HVAC units installed on the roof. Typically, this type of job being tackled from the ground would take days. However, helicopters speed up operation times significantly.

There were several details that our staff needed to address in order to successfully accomplish this operation. The first step in these types of operations is to coordinate with the hospital director, the general manager, and the Federal Aviation Administration‘s direct contact. Being that the hospital is located right outside of busy San Diego, it was crucial to maintain security on the ground to block not only the surrounding parking areas but also the emergency room entrance.

Experienced Lifting

When it comes to lifting HVAC units by helicopter, it is no walk in the park. Any time equipment is being lifted over objects, buildings, roadways, or citizens, the FAA and the Department of Transportation have strict requirements in place, including having a Congested Area flight plan.

Specifically, for this job, there were surrounding areas that needed to be evacuated and occupied with flagmen and security. We also ensured surrounding street closures and street sign removals. To securely install the units on top of the Palomar Medical Center’s add-on, it was necessary for us to have a precise and clear gameplan that was communicated with all staff, crew, and security.

Facilitating helicopter operations also require the planning of a safe landing area for loading purposes. For this job, the landing area was planned for the intersection to the north of the building. This entire area was blocked off and secluded from the public in order to maintain a safe perimeter.

Helicopter Experience Required

When it comes to facilitating Emergency HVAC Installation and helicopter operations, every potential outcome has to be analyzed. Allowing experts to plan every logistic that goes into operation is the best way to ensure success. Our experts have decades of combined experience that allows them to tackle jobs in the fastest and most effective way possible!

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