Helicopters Assist After Australian Bushfires

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Operation Rock Wallaby

Matt Kean is the Environment Minister of New South Wales. Kean posted on Twitter last week about dropping thousands of pounds of food from a helicopter for the animals starving after the Australian bushfires. This helicopter-aided effort is one of the most widespread food drop ever conducted for these endangered wallabies.

The wallaby, specifically, is able to survive the fires by either outrunning it or burrowing. However, because they are herbivores, they typically starve after. Kean admits that they will continue to provide a food source for these creatures until there is enough viable vegetation to support them. No matter how long it takes, the people of Australia will not abandon their wildlife.

The Devastation

The Australian bushfires have ravaged through three states, claiming at least 27 human lives, 2,000 homes, and millions of animals. As of Sunday, the Rural Fire Service announced that there are 150 active fires, 64 of them are uncontrolled.

The acreage that has burned thus far is equivalent to the size of South Carolina, and it still continues to burn. Numerous organizations will continue to use helicopters to provide relief to the people and animals of Australia. Fire analysis is still being conducted and several people have been arrested for allegedly causing these devastating Australian bushfires.

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