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Single Engine Helicopter Services

When you are deciding which helicopter you need for your lift project you may hear terms like “single engine helicopter” and “twin engine helicopter”. These are important as they will determine what kind of helicopter we will send for the job you are doing. So, what is a single engine helicopter? Well, that’s a very important yet simple question. It is fairly self explanatory, helicopters with one engine are single engine helicopters, those with two, are twin-engine helicopters.

Both single and twin offer you the ability to access remote areas, maneuver around tall city buildings, and hover for heavy lifts. They also provide a more precise placement and direct application for distribution projects and missions. So what is the difference?

Often, twin engine helicopters are used in bigger projects as they are generally larger. However, there are few projects that require a larger aircraft and more frequently single engine helicopters are chosen simply because they are more cost effective and much easier to maneuver and maintain. While we do recommend lighter projects apply the use of a single engine aircraft, it will always be an option for you to choose. At FairLifts, we have access to both twin engine and single engine helicopters worldwide. This gives you more options in choosing which aircraft you need.

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Single Engine Helicopter Services

These are some of the most requested single engine services we are asked about at FairLifts.

  • Transportation of People and Light Cargo
  • Search & Rescue
  • Medical and Emergency Transport
  • Crop Spraying & Surveys
  • Heavy Lifting
Single Engine Helicopter
Single Engine Helicopter

Single Engine Helicopter Services

Single Engine Helicopter Single Engine Helicopter

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