Charter a Helicopter to Hangout Music Fest 2019

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Hangout Music Fest is an annual, three-day festival takes place on the public beaches of Gulf Shores, AL. Hangout includes numerous genres of music including indie, rock, alternative, and hip hop. The event is scheduled to take place May 16th thru 19th. They will have two stages set up on opposite sides of the beach. There are numerous clubs and activities to participate in as well.

The name originated from its sister restaurant The Hangout. The event was founded shortly after the Gulf Coast was impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Not only did this impact the attendance of the festival but it also affected the general perception of the area. Eventually, the festival’s attendance rates grew from 15,000 people per day in 2010 to 40,000 people per day in 2015.

2019 Hangout Fest Lineup – Click to Enlarge

One of the most unique things about Hangout Music Fest is that there is always something to do. There are hammocks, rollerskating, waterslides, volleyball nets, beer backyards, and believe it or not, a wedding chapel. The wedding chapel offers an ordained minister and actual marriage licenses at $40, so you can get hitched, Vegas-style, at Hangout.

Unlike most other music festivals, Hangout makes it a point for you to be able to see all of your favorite artists without missing any. The two main stages, with smaller stages between, allow for a short commute.

If you plan on going to Hangout and want to make it the best weekend of your life, make sure that you arrive in style. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view as you fly into Gulf Shores on a helicopter! With a helicopter charter, we offer you more luxuries than you could ever imagine for a completely affordable price!

These are just some of the benefits you could take advantage of:

  • Skip lines and security check-points in the airport
  • Bring more than one carry-on bag
  • Panoramic views of Gulf Shores
  • Have your own personal pilot
  • Bragging rights–who can say they went to Hangout Fest in a helicopter?
  • Get pictures of Hangout from a different perspective!
  • No inconsiderate passengers–You get to choose your guests!

Most people think that renting a helicopter is too expensive, however, we are offering specials for Hangout Music Fest 2019.

No matter where you are traveling from, FairLifts has the ability to hand-select your pilot and aircraft to suit your travel needs. For example, we can offer you the ability to rent a 3-passenger, R-44 starting at as little as $400 per person. We also offer group rates and specials!

Why Choose FairLifts?

FairLifts operates not only nation-wide but worldwide. Our extensive network of trusted and certified helicopter pilots allows us to provide the safest, most experienced, and most affordable options for our clients. We strive to ensure that we provide the utmost satisfaction with the services you receive. Our staff is well-versed in thinking outside of the box, meaning that no matter what your request is, we will go above and beyond in an attempt to accomplish it. Even if you don’t want to charter a helicopter, we also offer rides!

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