Exclusive Burning Man Festival 2018 Helicopter Charters

Exclusive Burning Man Festival 2018 Helicopter Charters

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Burning Man Festival! Experience the Ultimate and Easiest Travel with Helicopter Charters

Ready to jump into the “burner” life and attend the 2018 Burning Man Festival at Black Rock City, Nevada, we’ve got a tip for you: Skip the massive traffic jams getting into and out of the playa, avoid any potential law enforcement checkpoints on the way in and spend more time socializing, partying and getting your flow on at the epic seven-day event. FairLifts will hook you up with a helicopter charter to take you and your friends directly from Reno Stead Airport to the playa. Arrive in Black Rock City in ultimate style and pizzazz and start your week of radical inclusion right. Be sure to reserve your helicopter charter to 2018 Burning Man (Aug.26-Sept. 3) before the offer goes up in smoke.

Burning Man – The Radical Experience of a Lifetime

How unique is the Burning Man Festival? So unique that it’s not even a festival plan, and it’s held in a “city” that doesn’t exist – Black Rock City is not an address, it’s a GPS coordinate. Burning Man is an experience in self-expression, art, community and craziness all taking place over the course of one week in the Nevada desert. And the week’s events and “feel” come almost solely from the roughly 70,000 participants who take a sparse, dry, vacant piece of land and build a city, and then from a blank white canvas, begin to shape a week’s worth of activities, shows, raves, workshops and anything else that comes to mind. Help build a city and a community out of the sands of the desert; find your tribe, and find yourself at Burning Man this year. If you’re ready to experience this intensely unique experience of self-reliance, self-expression and community, FairLifts can make getting there as easy as getting a drink at the festival. One call to our experts and your “trip” of a lifetime will be set in motion.

FairLifts – Start Your Burning Man Experience Right

Here’s the thing about trying to attend a “festival” at a city that doesn’t exist in a remote portion of the Nevada desert, roughly 100 miles northeast of Reno: It’s not an easy place to get to. There is one single road, State 447, that goes from Reno to the Black Rock City site. One road and 70,000 people do not make for a nice easy commute. Six- to eight-hour traffic jams are not uncommon, and there have been years it’s been closer to 10 hours. Don’t spend a quarter to a third of your first day staring at the back bumper of a car or RV, or worrying about potential law enforcement checkpoints, fly directly from Reno to Black Rock City with friends and all your stuff, and you’ll be getting your jam on while everybody else is sitting in traffic in the baking desert sun. Plus, we’ll get you out just as easily.

FairLifts: The Easy Choice

With a worldwide network of professional helicopter operators, we’re used to dealing with the best and arranging trip logistics all over the planet. Call our experts and find out for yourself. We’ll answer any questions, get you quotes and find you the ideal helicopter charter to the festival on your schedule. We’ll do all the dirty work – you’ll be getting dirty enough at Burning Man.

Act Now to Ensure the Perfect Charter Time Slot

Contact us now and get a helicopter charter to Black Rock City that works on your time schedule. Skip the booking headaches, fly over the crawling, baking traffic and arrive at Burning Man ready to be epic.

Skip the traffic. Don’t miss out. Burning Man Festival helicopter charters. Call FairLifts 1-800-318-8940