Helicopter Charters to Miami for Ultra Music Festival 2019

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Ultra Music Festival is a three-day outdoor event that takes place in Miami, Florida. The electronic music festival was founded in 1999 by Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes and is named after the Depeche Mode 1997 album, Ultra.

The festival was initially held on Miami Beach, but the primary location was Bayfront Park. This year, the event is scheduled to take place on the Virginia Key, which is a barrier island near Miami, on March 29th thru 31st. The venue was moved because the commissioners of Miami voted unanimously against allowing the festival to be hosted at Bayfront Park again due to noise complaints among downtown residents.

2019 Ultra Music Festival Lineup – Click to Enlarge

Transportation to Ultra

In the most recent years, Ultra Music Festival has had an average attendance of 165,000 people. Because of this, one of the main concerns of having the festival in Virginia Key was transportation, but most people don’t know that taking a helicopter is an option.

If you are traveling from outside of Miami, expect airport delays. The better option to consider would be private air travel via helicopter because Ultra Music Festival is providing free transportation close to nearly any airport in Miami. The free shuttle service is equipped with WiFi, air conditioning, and restrooms because there is no parking allowed for any General Admission patrons.

Charter with FairLifts

FairLifts helicopter charters will allow you the ability to skip long lines through security and baggage claim at the airport to go straight to the shuttle transit service. Our extensive network of trusted, certified pilots is a result of years in the helicopter industry. With this experience, we can hand-select not only the pilot but also the aircraft that you travel in, allowing us to find you the most affordable options possible. Our charters are perfect for splitting costs among friends or family to ensure affordability for all guests. We want to make sure that you have the option to arrive at a grand event extraordinarily without breaking your bank!

No matter where you are traveling from, helicopter charters are perfect to fly into Miami because you get the most spectacular views to start a great weekend. You get the ease of chartering through FairLifts and better pictures than all of your friends!

How many people can say they got a birds-eye-view of Miami’s breathtaking skyline from a helicopter as they were being dropped off for Ultra Music Festival?

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