Helicopter to Chicago for Lollapalooza 2019

Fair Lifts Special Event Charters

Lollapalooza is a 4-day music festival is based in Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. Performances include numerous genres including alternative rock, punk rock, heavy metal, hip hop, and electronic. Lollapalooza will take place August 1st thru 4th this year with more than 160,000 attendants.

The mastermind behind this festival’s creation in 1990 is the lead singer from Janes Addiction, Perry Farrell. He originally anticipated Lollapalooza to be a farewell tour, but today it has expanded internationally.

This year, there will be at least 8 stages and more than 170 bands from all over the world. Such a grand event deserves a sensational arrival. The traffic in Chicago and around the festival is expected to be well regulated but still extremely congested. This makes for extended commute times. That is only half of the headache, especially if you are flying into Chicago O’Hare, the second busiest airport in the world.

What if we told you your transportation to Lollapalooza can be luxurious and handled with ease? Well, FairLifts is here to save the day!

Not many people can say they have even flown in a helicopter, let alone chartered one to Lollapalooza. You can be one of the few at a completely affordable rate! Our specialized helicopter charters allow you to travel from virtually anywhere in the country to just a few short miles away from Grant Park. You also can split the cost of the helicopter between passengers. Ride-sharing is another way to make the trip as affordable as possible!

Our nationwide connections with certified and trusted helicopter operators allow us the ability to hand-pick not only pilots but also aircraft. This fully customizable travel option allows you to bring more than one carry-on bag. You can personally pick your passengers. With FairLifts help, you can also fly right over traffic all while experiencing a spectacular, panoramic view of the Chicago skyline.

Getting set up is a simple and easy process. All you have to do is call 1-800-318-8940 and one of our helicopter experts will not only provide you with a free, reasonable quote, but we also ensure that you arrive at Lollapalooza just like a rock-star yourself!