Helicopter Charter from LA to Coachella Valley

Reserve a Helicopter Charter from LA to Coachella Valley

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Most people visiting for an event like the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival or the Stagecoach Festival in Indio typically stay in LA. There is little to no point in flying from LAX to San Bernardino on a commercial or private flight, because honestly, who has time and waiting in the car for hours just seems too frustrating for our tastes. This is why FairLifts offers exclusive helicopter charters from LA to Coachella Valley for events, celebrations and the year’s biggest concerts!

Since 1999, the Coachella music festival has seen thousands of people attend each year with attendance reaching up to 250k in 2017, while the Stagecoach, happening literally within a week of Coachella has gradually increased its sales to over 100k. That is a ton of fans traveling all to one area at one time. So whether you are going to both or just one, taking a helicopter charter from Los Angeles to Coachella Valley is the quickest and most exciting way to travel!

From getting the recognition for arriving like the stars do, to not missing a single thing by getting there early, helicopters to Indio from LA are a luxury, almost anyone can afford with FairLifts.

Both concerts take place back to back between May and April, skip the heat. Skip the traffic. Skip the weirdo in the car next to you staring you down and fly over it all in complete bliss either by yourself or with a group!

Staying in LA? No Problem!

We can schedule both ground service to pick you up from the hotel and deliver you to the launch site or for those living closer to downtown, pilots can fly right in and get you as the nearest heliport is pretty much on nearly all flat top skyscrapers in the area. Our partnering operators cannot only pick you up from close by hotels like the Crowne Plaza, Embassy Suites or Hotel Erwin, they can also give you a ride from the airport if you’ve traveled into the city and need to get to the concert grounds right away. We work with operators at LAX as well as several private airfields in case you flew in on a jet. No matter where you are staying or where you are arriving to, we’ve got you covered with a helicopter charter from LA to Coachella Valley.

Skip the Hot Traffic and Get There Early!

Everyone who has experienced it knows the drive from LA to Coachella is incredibly frustrating, let alone gross in a car full of people. Now, you have the option to schedule a comfortable helicopter charter from LA to Coachella Valley. Fly over all of those waiting on I-10 and see the city for miles around with a helicopter charter to the concert(s). You can bet you will be there a hell of a lot earlier if you skip over the 4-5 hour traffic, through the checkpoints along the way and if you no longer have to worry about parking, because your group is being dropped off by a helicopter!

Arrive like a Celebrity and Gain the Attention of All of Those Around

When people see a helicopter flying in from any direction, you can bet they are asking themselves and those around them “Who is in there?” It used to be that way for limos. Now everyone has a limo but not everyone has a private helicopter delivering them to the concert.

With your crew at your side, you can make a grand entrance and all eyes will be on you as the helicopter does a fly over the concert grounds and finally settles in the desert outside Palm Springs. We can schedule your helicopter charter from LA to Coachella Valley to either pick you up from the airport or as close to your hotel/residence as possible. With the old law governing skyscrapers with flat tops requiring them to have helipads installed, there is little to no place helicopters can’t land close by.

Once the helicopter picks you up, they can deliver you to the event and then pick you up again to take you home on one of the Coachella Valley helicopter shuttles we arrange. Just let us know where you would like to be picked up and we will find a nearby spot that the operator can land in.

Make Your Reservation Now and Get You and Your Friends Ready to Take a Helicopter Charter from LA to Coachella Valley!

Coachella and Stagecoach may seem far off, but they will be here before you know it. With the popularity of both concerts growing each year, getting your tickets and reservations in now is imperative. Don’t miss your chance to make a grand entrance, let the celebrity performers see you arrive and skip the traffic. We are available 24/7 to schedule your helicopter charter from LA to Coachella Valley, call us today to get your reservation started.

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