Helicopter Surveys for Arizona’s Wildlife Management

Helicopter Wildlife Management for Ranchers, Farmers, Researchers, Conservationists, and State Agencies & More

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Helicopter Surveys for Arizona’s Wildlife Management


Helicopter Wildlife Management for Ranchers, Farmers, Researchers, Conservationists, and State Agencies & More

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We offer Arizona clients hassle-free scheduling and access to a fleet of modern, state of the art helicopters. These machines are, piloted and operated by a network of experienced professional operators who specialize in reservation operations.

Using helicopters for wildlife management comes with its own advantages. Flying offers faster and more accurate data collection and access to areas not available to land vehicles or accessible by foot. It also allows biologists to spot and observe animals, even at a distance, hidden by vegetation, or areas of land with low ground visibility.

Arizona Wildlife Management Arizona Wildlife Management

Aerial Support for Wildlife Life Management, Tracking and Monitoring in Arizona

Arizona boasts of 665,400 acres dedicated to dual mountains refuges. Roughly 80% of that area is designated wilderness, so there is plenty of wildlife to track. One fascinating desert animal in question is the bighorn sheep. The bighorn's population has decreased significantly around Arizona since the early 2000's. The Arizona Game and Fish Department in an effort to investigate sheep's mortality and increase sheep populations have called in the use of helicopters to help control predators, identify and mark lambing areas, as well as transport water into locations critical to the bighorns survival.

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Helicopter Applications, Reservations and Service Specifics

FairLifts is on hand to support wildlife operations from the moment our clients are ready to go. The process is simplified to expedite the services, and eliminating unnecessary delays. When state agencies, farmers or ranchers call for assistance, our client service agents proceed with a consultation to assess the appropriate needs. The next step is to aggregate the acceptable vendors, helicopters, operators, pilots, crew members, equipment and anything else needed to satisfy the client and operation demand. FairLifts is dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure our operations are managed properly and our clients are pleased with the offerings.

Wildlife helicopter support may be reserved for the following services:

Arizona Helicopter Ranching and Herding

Ranching and Herding

Cattle ranching has been in Arizona since the 1600's and is currently an agricultural asset worth as much as $1.17 billion annually. Many farmers, ranchers use helicopters for herding cattle due to its cost-effectiveness, ability to assess the landscape and herd, elimination of extra ground staff and it's efficiency.

Arizona Helicopter Predator Spotting and Management

Predator Spotting and Management

Predators remain a concern for cattlemen, but there are options to protecting livestock. The biggest threats in Arizona are black bears, coyotes, wolves, and mountain lions. Helicopters have the ability to monitor herds from high elevations, relocate livestock, and eradicate a larger overall threat in a fast and proficient manner.

Arizona Conservation, Stocking, Sampling and Population

Conservation, Stocking, Sampling and Population

Monitoring the habits, breeding rates, migration points, mortality, and population count for the study of animals is important for the continuation of a healthy wildlife ecosystem. Arizona features forest, desert and reservation lands which consist of dozens of species of animals which face seasonal challenges of harsh weather and statewide drought conditions for survival. Helicopters are effectively used to track and tag animals in confined spaces for study in areas hard to access or which are inaccessible on the ground.

Arizona Helicopter Wandering or Lost Animal Tracking and Recovery

Wandering or Lost Animal Tracking and Recovery

Arizona hosts dense forests, hot and dry desert, mountain ranges, deep canyons and reservations which contain pine trees, cacti, and large rock formations on the landscape. While it may look like life is sparse in these regions, they are not, and there are plenty of areas to lose track of wildlife in caves, in dense forest areas, and canyons. It is most advantageous to search for animals with helicopters which offer the highest elevated, and widest and most unobstructed view of the landscape. Helicopters have superior maneuvering capabilities which allow them to squeeze into areas land vehicles and planes can't access, and they can also reach low enough to capture and transport as well as guide and steer lost livestock back to corrals safely.

Arizona Hunting


Wildlife hunting in Arizona is just as crucial to the survival of livestock as predator protection. Helicopters offer the ability to pursue animals marked for elimination in areas hard to reach. Higher elevations give the advantage of following scattering groups of animals for population control or those marked for elimination.

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Arizona Wildlife Management Arizona Wildlife Management

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