Helicopter Surveys for Illinois’ Wildlife Management

Helicopter Wildlife Management for Ranchers, Farmers, Researchers, Conservationists, and State Agencies & More

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Helicopter Surveys for Illinois’ Wildlife Management


Helicopter Wildlife Management for Ranchers, Farmers, Researchers, Conservationists, and State Agencies & More

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Aerial Surveys Improve the Effectiveness of Wildlife Management in Illinois

Helicopter facilitated aerial surveys deliver an effective and accurate means of conducting wildlife management pursuits in Illinois. Ranchers, farmers, biologists and wildlife agents utilize the advantages helicopters offer to execute surveys in remote or impassable areas and can also provide expansive views of large areas of land.

Wildlife surveys are sued for a number of applications including for the tracking of predators, to ensure there are sufficient resources to benefit the existence of feral species, to count and enumerate large game animal populations so as to establish seasonal parameters for hunting and to locate sick or wounded animals that have become separated from herds.

Illinois Wildlife Management Illinois Wildlife Management

Aerial Photographs Help Conservation Efforts in Illinois

In recent years, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has initiated a program in an effort to get private landowners more involved in the sustaining of native wildlife populations. While the IDNR is doing their part to improve wildlife populations in state owner regions, they are hoping to inspire private landowners to provide essential habitats necessary to help native wildlife populations increase as opposed to decline. Part of the initiative will include collecting data in the form of aerial photographs and population counts via aerial surveys to determine a proper course of action for each individual habitat.

Helicopters are preferred over the fixed wing and UAV alternatives because they can access more locations, can alternate between elevations easily and rapidly, and can land and take off form just about anywhere and don't require the use of batteries. Landowners will need to have full access to the expanse of their properties for wildlife agencies to outline a plan to effectively create environments that serve to sustain and invigorate the propagation of Illinois' wild birds, mammals, and other living creatures.

If you need helicopter support in Illinois for wildlife conservation for native specialist existing on your property, call today. Expertly facilitated helicopter wildlife surveys can be scheduled routinely or on demand, it's up to you. Get more information about wildlife programs through the IDNR by researching the Acres for Wildlife Program and local IDNR Wildlife Biologists.

Accurate Wildlife Surveys for Population Counts In Illinois
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Comprehensive Helicopter Supported Wildlife Survey Options

Helicopter support for wildlife surveys in Illinois delivers access to experienced operators, pilots, and crews, reserve one of the following services today.

Illinois Helicopter Ranching and Herding

Ranching and Herding

Helicopters are used to herd, spot and isolate sick or wounded animals all across Illinois, effectively reducing the time it takes to locate them and mitigating the need for supplemental ground crews. Helicopters also allow ranchers to accurately survey vegetation, water supplies, and general ranch conditions to ensure there are ample resources for Idaho's livestock to thrive.

Illinois Helicopter Predator Spotting and Management

Predator Spotting and Management

Illinois ranchers are consistently plagued by coyotes and the occasional mountain lion and black bear have wreaked havoc for a number of years on ranching operations throughout the area. Helicopters are pivotal for aerial monitoring operations that cover an expansive territory to pinpoint and isolate predatory species. Additionally, helicopters are used for trapping and transferring predators to sanctuaries and nature preserves where they can flourish without wounding cattle and livestock.

Illinois Conservation, Stocking, Sampling and Population

Conservation, Stocking, Sampling and Population

Conservationists and biologists in Illinois monitor wildlife reproductive habits, movements and behaviors to ensure their lifespans. In efforts to offer protections to Illinois' endangered, threatened or at-risk species, helicopters allow for accurate isolation, tagging and subsequent tracking of species to safeguard their overall existence and well being.

Illinois Helicopter Wandering or Lost Animal Tracking and Recovery

Wandering or Lost Animal Tracking and Recovery

The Illinois terrain is comprised of areas that are flat and then transitions into regions featuring more hilly environments. This type of diversity provides opportunities for lost or sick animals to easily become separated from the herd and to hide. Helicopters wide-ranging optics and maneuverability enable access to higher elevations and coastal and river areas at low altitudes to uncover the positions of lost animals and guide them back to their herds.

Illinois Hunting


Illinois' wildlife surveys are used for the collection of data that serves to assist game management agencies in the regulation of seasonal parameters, schedules, and permit levels, as well as to ensure conservation, curb overpopulation and preserve endangered species. Helicopters can access areas that are remote, rugged and outlying in attempts to precisely estimate big game animal populations.

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Illinois Wildlife Management Illinois Wildlife Management

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Experienced pilots and operators source advanced helicopter aircraft and cutting edge technologies to monitor, survey and manage wildlife populations in Illinois. FairLifts reserves helicopters for ranching, farming and conservationists efforts. Agents are available 24/7 to answer questions, deliver pricing or reserve helicopters. Reach out to us by phone for an immediate response or use our convenient contact form found online and agents will respond in less than 24 hours.

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