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Aerial Photography, Videography and Cinematography


Real Estate - Film Production - Photography - Television

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Helicopters in the Film Industry

It takes the creative collaboration of hundreds of people to create the illusion of being in a different world than our own. The film industry has been immersing us in different realities for more than seven decades, which allows us to temporarily escape the problems in our lives and connect with humanity in a different setting. Filmmakers use helicopters to shoot aerial footage for scenes that require the audience to remove themselves from the action and see things from a wider perspective. Helicopters make the best storytellers in this case since they have the unique ability to travel quickly over terrain but also stop in one location and hover to emphasize particular elements of the landscape. Often, film footage has to be crisp without appearing choppy, requiring a steady hand but also a smooth ride. Our pilots have experience and training to ensure that aerial footage is vibrant and clean.

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Videography Services for Other Industries

Helicopter Film Making - Aerial Film Production

Not all aerial footage has a connection to the entertainment industry. Companies often request aerial footage of sites that they own to determine whether building a store or warehouse would be a good investment. Educational facilities might ask for a video of the terrain and topography of an area for a mapping project. Other industries also have extensive use for aerial photography or videography.

Events & News Coverage - Aerial Film Production

Events & News Coverage

Individuals might charter a helicopter to take aerial footage of a special event in their lives. Weddings, large-scale birthday parties, family reunions, other family events are popular aerial photography events commissioned by the individual rather than a company. Another example might be aerial photography or footage for an independent film-maker in search of the next big hit or a company marketing executive who is trying to create an incentive video for new employees.

Scientific Research - Aerial Film Production

Scientific Research

Natural science researchers and students are one of the less recognized but more common clients who utilize helicopters for aerial photography or videography purposes. Wildlife biologists, oceanographers, ecologists, and even physical scientists often record the natural environment in certain regions to study changes in the terrain, biodiversity, and habitat of various animals or plants. They use the information from aerial footage to make hypotheses about why certain events are occurring.

Hospitality - Aerial Film Production


Hotels and resorts often commission films or photographs of people taking part in activities provided by the facility, from paragliding to eating at a popular restaurant on-site or just sunning next to the pool. These images then become part of their marketing campaign to attract new clients. Not only that, but also, these kinds of photography flights are perfect for wedding proposals!

Real Estate - Aerial Film Production

Real Estate

The housing industry uses aerial footage for everything from promotional brochures to home listings and commercial interests. Shooting a home or neighborhood from the air allows potential investors or buyers the scale of the home in relation to its neighbors in addition to revealing details about the property that might not appear in written listings.

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An Array of Choices Means You are in Control

Potential clients for aerial film production, whether fiction or nonfiction, is almost endless. FairLifts has a large pool of pilots, crew, and crafts to perform whatever aerial photography or video service you might need. Choosing the right helicopter for your aerial photography session is only one consideration in the equation for a successful cinematography shoot, but it is a vital decision. Our pilots have discovered that the best helicopters for a smooth and entertaining video include:

AS355N Twinstar - Aerial Film Production

AS355N Twinstar

The Twinstar is capable of carrying 6 passengers and one pilot. The size and speed of this aircraft make it perfect for capturing news footage as well as aerial surveys for numerous industries.

R44 Raven II - Aerial Film Production

R44 Raven II

This aircraft can carry 4 people, including the pilot. Its payload and range offer versatility that is reliable and accurate. The Raven II is equipped with windows that give 360-degree views.

Bell 206 - Aerial Film Production

Bell 206

The Bell 206 offers seating arrangements for four passengers and 2 crew members. The seating configuration and open floor plan make this aircraft perfect for film crews and their equipment.

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Those who wish to reserve another style or model are encouraged to talk with our reservation specialists so we can accommodate your desire to the best of our abilities. At FairLifts, our main goal is to make your video to the specifications you need for your purposes. Our pilots are professionally licensed and follow safety procedures as dictated by the Federal Aviation Administration. All of our pilots have the experience and skill to provide you with quality footage each time.

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The Right Equipment Ensures a Successful Result

Selecting the right equipment for a job is imperative in producing a successful finished product. FairLifts representatives work alongside our customers to source the appropriate equipment that not only meets their project’s specifications but also stays within their budget. Our fleet includes helicopters fitted with various types of stabilization systems that include but are not limited to Wescam, CineFlex, ShotOver, Thomas, Pictorvision, Gyron, and SpaceCam. These mounts, as well as others, have been utilized effectively with a variety of high definition and professional-grade cameras in the past. Some of these are RED Epic, ARRI Alexa, Amira, ARRI Alexa-65, RED Weapon, RED 8K VV, IMAX & Sony F65, and Panavision DXL.

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