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Aerial Photography, Videography and Cinematography


Real Estate - Film Production - Photography - Television

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Aerial Photography, Videography, and Film Production

Helicopters have been used widely in the capturing of imagery for aerial film production, videography, and photography for decades. FairLifts, a leading specialist in the sector has worked alongside some of the most innovative aerial film production companies to translate the vision of our customers to video, photographs or onto the big screen. This is done by coordinating an effective response to our customers need for helicopter facilitated aerial imagery using state of the art aircraft, high definition cameras and equipment, professional and experienced crews and delivering a stabilized and safe platform from which to exercise all of the above.

Helicopters are Ideally Designed for Aerial Photography

Helicopters, as an aircraft, are practically made for image and video capturing. They are highly adaptable elevation wise, easily maneuvered into areas that generally pose a hazard to their fixed-wing counterparts and they provide a stabilized environment from which to film or shoot photos.

Helicopter Film Making Helicopter Film Making

Skilled and Experienced is Key

Although helicopter aircraft are an asset in aerial imagery, they are only as good as the qualified pilot flying the operation and the crew who work tirelessly in the air and on the ground to deliver a stunning result. Regardless of if it's the network of global operators, the camera technicians, experienced pilots or chase crew, clients can be assured that they have the most competent individuals available in the sector putting their skills to work for them. Types of helicopters used typically for aerial photography service requests include the Airbus’ AS355N Twinstar and AS350BA, the Robinson R44 Raven II, and the Bell 206 although we can arrange for other aircraft as well.

World Class Customer Care and Safety Are Our Priorities

FairLifts strives to deliver an effective result to requests for service we receive across the board. Despite the size and scale of the project, regardless of the celebrity or corporate standing of the company or individual who we are contracting service(s) for, each is given the same degree of consideration. Part of delivering upon the promise of quality customer care is providing an unparalleled level of safety to passengers and crew. FairLifts is dedicated to safety in helicopter applications above all else. The companies and select operators we contract for employ certified professionals and conduct operations in compliance with the FAA’s strictest guidelines for helicopter aircraft operation.

Professional helicopter support for aerial photography and videography.
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An Array of Choices Means You are in Control

Through world-class customer care, services arranged via FairLifts will provide the flexibility and on-demand response that the aerial cinematography realm requires. And, cutting-edge image technologies and the aircraft itself will deliver the versatility and power you need to achieve dynamic shots and aerial sequences for your production. To see a brief overview of the types of projects we coordinate aerial photography and cinematography services for, read on.

Aerial filming for Motion Picture Production Aerial filming for Motion Picture Production

Aerial Filming for Motion Picture Production

Via a network of global operators, we have reserved aerial cinematography and coordination for a number of feature films and studio productions. An extensive fleet of helicopters operated by experienced SAG pilots, stunt pilots, alongside proficient camera technicians and ground support crew work to secure imagery for film, television, documentaries, promotional videos and commercial productions.
Aerial Filming for Real Estate Aerial Filming for Real Estate

Aerial Filming for Real Estate

Aerial filming is an excellent resource in demonstrating the true scale and beauty of a particular property. Helicopters used to this effect alongside experienced camera techs and pilots deliver a collection of images and film to assist those in the real estate industry in making their listings even more compelling to prospective buyers and/or investors.

Aerial Photography and Video Services: Specialty Events and Weddings Aerial Photography and Video Services: Specialty Events and Weddings

Aerial Photography and Video Services

Aerial filming for the purpose of obtaining images following landmark or specialty events is an ideal means to cover as much of the event space as possible to ensure nothing is overlooked or missed. Wedding photographers can use helicopters as an additional tool in their image collection arsenal to deliver full wide scale views of a client's milestone event from start to finish that is polished and sophisticated in appearance.

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The Right Equipment Translates Ensures a Successful Result

Selecting the right equipment for a job is imperative in producing a successful finished product. FairLifts representatives work alongside our customers to source the appropriate equipment that not only meets their project’s specifications, but also stays within their budget. We work with a network of global providers and our fleet include helicopters fitted with various types of stabilization systems which include but are not limited to Wescam, CineFlex, ShotOver, Thomas, Pictorvision, Gyron, and SpaceCam. These mounts, as well as others, have been utilized effectively with a variety of high definition and professional grade cameras in the past. Some of which are RED Epic, ARRI Alexa, Amira, ARRI Alexa-65, RED Weapon, RED 8K VV, IMAX & Sony F65 and Panavision DXL.

We Are Ready to Start Your Project Today

FairLifts strives to provide a range of services for film, television, documentaries, promotional videos and commercial productions as well as across an array of industries like real estate and wedding photography. Regardless of the scale of the project, FairLifts can source an appropriate response to not simply satisfy but exceed our customer’s expectations. Contact FairLifts to get proven results for your upcoming feature film or commercial production.

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