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Helicopter Charter Solutions

As a corporate helicopter charter solutions broker, we work alongside a number of affiliates who make it their mission to provide unparalleled service to each individual traveler. This, in conjunction with the array of choices in aircraft that are available to convey professionals to the destination of their choice, serves to deliver the ultimate in helicopter charter solutions for corporate or executive transport.

You are probably wondering how our affiliates implement the amazing opportunities via helicopters we mentioned in the previous paragraph. If you stick around long enough to read about the exclusive services we have access to, we’ll be happy to enlighten you. Let’s start at the beginning. A charter is simply a means of point to point transport. What makes the experience our partners deliver an exception to the ‘conventional transport’ rule is in the diversity of variables that when in culmination make your time spent in their company better than the best you’ll receive elsewhere.

We realize that in a world full of hundreds of corporate helicopter charter facilitators, saying our affiliates are the better alternative is a pretty lofty declaration. However, after years spent working in conjunction with an exclusive list of service providers, we can make this claim and are certain they can back it up too!

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What exactly defines a

Corporate Helicopter Charter

If you happen to be at a loss as to what Corporate Helicopter Charters entail or are wondering under what circumstance one may need one, we can elaborate. For executives on the go or the junior VP who needs to get to LA to meet with a client before the close of business, we offer access to service providers who can provide experiences that are comfortable, expedient and sophisticated. Further examples of scenarios in which one may need to contact us to charter a helicopter within the corporate realm are: for business meetings across town or cross country. For healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, researchers or administrators who may need to attend symposiums or conferences or even more imperative may need to be flown in for emergency surgeries. Perhaps a university professor is expected to provide a lecture at a neighboring school or may need to give expert testimony or their opinion on the late news. The sky is the actual limit in the reasoning behind why a professional may need a helicopter.

Why choose a professional helicopter service?

Corporate Helicopter Charters Corporate Helicopter Charters

An corporate helicopter charter is a flight in a helicopter that serves to convey busy professionals to and from the destination of their choice. These flights are simply the most convenient, comfortable and timely means of conveyance between point A and point B for the pursuance of executive mandates. Be it an important meeting downtown, a conference at a hotel in a neighboring state, or you want to treat important clients to a helicopter ride of an area they have never visited before so as to make an impression, this alternative is the perfect solution.

In a nutshell, these charters consist of the helicopter arriving at the location of your departure. As a result of the versatility of this type of aircraft, they can land anywhere so your pickup can be achieved by you standing atop your office building or on a tarmac at a local hangar, it makes little difference. Either you, singularly, or you and your guests climb onboard and the helicopter rapidly transports you to your destination. Throughout the flight, you may be treated to onboard amenities including air conditioning, heat, spacious cabins with plenty of legroom, comfortable seating and on occasion snacks and beverages. These elements serve to help you to achieve total relaxation to either look over your presentation, socialize with your guests or perhaps you just want to meditate. It’s to your discretion!

Professional Helicopter Service Types

With sophistication and versatility in mind, we sought to partner with service providers that offer a wide array of corporate helicopter charter solutions and helicopter tours to appease the consummate professional who wants to travel stylishly!

Corporate Helicopter Charters

Airport Helicopter Transfers

You may be at a loss as to why someone would climb on board a helicopter just to make a short lived aerial trek to the airport to climb on board another aircraft? Hang in there a for a minute, and we’ll make it clear why this is an amazing alternative to the conventions of a car or taxi ride to the airport. An airport transfer corporate helicopter charter is essentially a short, roughly 10 minute, flight from your current location to the airport. This type of charter ensures you won’t miss your flight due to traffic or other impediment delaying your arrival to the airport in time for your flight to your destination. Especially when it's imperative you arrive in time to make an impact professionally.

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Corporate Helicopter Charters

Hotel Pick Up and Drop Off

This service includes our affiliate’s representatives meeting you at the airport after you have collected your luggage from claims, and then dependent upon the itinerary you established with our agents, affiliates will convey you and your belongings to the hangar or local heliport where the corporate helicopter charter awaits your arrival. From there, you’ll embark on a short-lived flight to the location of your accommodation, be it hotel, resort, private residence or villa. If you have elected to have our affiliate provide the corporate helicopter charter to convey you back in time for your return flight, the process starts again, but in reverse. The same attention to detail will be made applicable in your in-flight access to amenities and service elements. You can simply sit back and enjoy the flight back to the airport.

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Why Choose FairLifts?

Why choose us to facilitate your corporate helicopter charter? It’s elementary! We can connect you with the most effective service provider to not only satisfy your professional transport requisites, but exceed them! We can arrange charters and helicopter tours that are safely executed, exquisitely serviced via the in-flight amenities and comforts of the well maintained and spacious aircraft, in conjunction with flight plans that are organized to perfection ensuring you arrive on time to the destination of your choosing.

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