Helicopter Aerial Agriculture

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Helicopter Agricultural Innovations are Beyond Beneficial

The helicopter agricultural solutions we can arrange for clients contributes so much more than just a means in which to implement crop dusting. These helicopters serve an even more beneficial purpose in the pursuit of yield management and crop health maintenance. Through a wide array of services, these helicopters are an innovative approach to the agriculture industry and beyond.

Helicopter Agricultural Services is a broad term that refers to the use of helicopters to execute any one of the following in the pursuit of farmland management. From hydroseeding, crop dusting or applications, to overwatering management and frost protection plus the added benefit of the aircraft never coming in contact with the crops so there's no collateral damage from its implementation.>

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How Helicopters are put to use for Agriculture’s Needs

There are numerous ways in which to make use of helicopter aerial agriculture solutions but by far the most popular of which are in crop dusting, field maintenance, and frost protection. To find out what each of these services entails, take a peek below.

Helicopter Aerial Agriculture - Overwatering - Drying

Product Application

Crop Dusting, Application of Pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide, Top Dressing and what makes helicopter implementation beneficial. Advantages include the fact that helicopters can load from nearby nurse trucks as well as helicopters can maneuver around obstacles to reach all areas. For example, next to power lines and large structures. Helicopters can spread the product on unconventionally shaped properties. Rotor wash can be utilized to spread products to the underside of crops. Pilots can take advantage of the rapid speed adjustment helicopters can make to ensure the accurate spread of products even in smaller areas.

Helicopter Aerial Agriculture - crop dusting

Watering & Field Drying

The benefit to the application of helicopters for field drying includes the ability of the helicopter to hover at a low altitude above the field. Here, the rotor blade will produce wind at the surface level that will help to evaporate the over watered area at a much faster rate. Conversely, in the application of water or if drought conditions have wreaked havoc on crops or vines, or to areas that are prone to wildfires helicopters can be used to “waterbomb” the crops or area by utilizing tanks outside the aircraft to apply moisture.

Helicopter Aerial Agriculture - frost protection

Frost Protection

Aerial Agriculture may be used effectively to implement frost protection up to 50 acres at one time. Downdraft from the aircraft distributes warm air that can be circulated among the plant life, trees or vines. Helicopter rotors may be utilized in the spreading product process more accurately. Innovations in taking advantage of the air can help to spread products more profusely so as to make certain the entire crop canopy is covered.

There are numerous other innovations in which helicopters can be used to satisfy your agriculture needs. Not just simply because the aircraft's effect itself makes for so many different ways in which it can be beneficial. It practicality does the work of a whole crew of individuals in half the time.

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