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FairLifts Helicopter Logging

Helicopter logging uses helicopters to remove and cut trees by lifting them on cables connected to the helicopter. Helicopter logging is typically used as a supplemental form of logging, or when the area is inaccessible due to geographic features making it difficult for traditional wood logging equipment to process and move raw materials. Not only is helicopter logging convenient when displacing raw materials, but due to helicopters' reduced level of infrastructure, helicopter logging further helps to reduce the environmental impact of processing wood.

During helicopter logging, we partner with engineers and surveyors. The trees are selected based on demand or specific grades. The trees are inspected to check for reliability to ensure the safe transfer of the raw materials. The selected trees are then marked for removal. This process ensures that only viable trees are removed. Some trees might be a hazard to remove due to its quality.

About Standing Stem Harvesting

Our helicopters are equipped to relocate large trunks via standing stem harvesting. The length of the tree and its diameter are recorded which will help calculate volumes and weights. The trees are then partially cut at the stem, necessary branches are removed, and the tree is supported by wooden wedges before our FairLifts helicopter grapples the tree trunks and pulls until the wood breaks at the partial cut, which is typically a few meters above the ground. Our FairLifts helicopters will then move the wooden logs to a predetermined location or dropped in open water for it to be collected.

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Benefits Of Helicopter Logging

Helicopter LoggingHelicopter Logging

The Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane is the preferred helicopter used by FairLifts when logging. While typically used to help extinguish forest fires, it can also be used in processing heavy materials. It is a powerful heavy-lift helicopter powered by turbo-shaft engines. This means that the S-64 can efficiently transfer raw materials. It's powerful enough to transport timber that are dozens of tons. The sky-crane will pick up fallen trees, and carry them to a designated processing site. While fully capable by itself, the helicopter may also be retrofitted to help aid in displacing materials.

Helicopter logging has several advantages, especially when compared to other forms of logging. These benefits include:

Reduces Road Building - Helicopter Logging
  • Reduces Road Building

    Traditionally, when wood logging, there is a separate process before any wood is relocated. This includes creating substitute roads for the heavy equipment to get to the trees. With helicopter logging, the main focus is relocating the logs instead of peripheral tasks like road-building that can be expensive and time-consuming.

Capture Opportunities - Helicopter Logging
  • Capture Opportunities

    Depending on contracts, there might be a lucrative opportunity to harvest certain types of woods. Unfortunately, with traditional wood logging equipment and processes, simple logging projects can take several weeks or months. Helicopter logging is considerably quicker than traditional methods.

Reduce Impact - Helicopter Logging
  • Reduce Impact

    Logging is a full-scale operation that typically includes cutting, skidding, on-site processing, and the loading of logs onto vehicles. With helicopter logging, there won't be cutting roads — only the cutting and the processing of trees.

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Maximize Your Timber Harvesting Options

Today, loggers aren't bound by conventional practices. With helicopter logging, they have a cost-effective and environmentally safe method of harvesting. We work closely with contractors and government identities to efficiently pick up wood and fly it to where it will be further processed. We have helped to remove wood from inaccessible areas, flying up and over hills and bodies of water. Working with FairLifts will enable organizations and companies to capitalize on opportunities while preserving the natural beauty of the forest.

Maximize Timber Harvesting - Helicopter LoggingMaximize Timber Harvesting - Helicopter Logging

Our helicopters will help utilize standing stem harvesting. This is a method of harvesting that involves pulling limbed and topped up trees with no damage to the stem or surrounding area. The grapple will grab the stem and a will snap out of place due to the pull from the helicopters. Single stem harvesting will enable our contractors to access timber that otherwise may not be recoverable due to terrain issues. Also, it will preserve the structural integrity of the wood. With traditional wood logging, there's a possibility of the wood cracking or becoming severely damaged during a fall.

Helicopter logging is also a tool for responsible deforestation. Properly deforestation can help create more usable space for wildlife while utilizing the feasible materials to make paper products and other materials. The land itself can also be used for agricultural or industrial uses. Interestingly enough, ethical deforestation can also contribute to increased food production to local communities and an opportunity for grazing animals to feed. The benefit of FairLifts includes logging with far less damage to adjacent trees and soil, lending for swift removal of wood while leaving the forested area intact.

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About Fair Lifts

The helicopter logging services offered by our affiliates are capable of completing harvesting tasks in less time than traditional methods, with less damage to the environment. We have helped contractors not only with productivity but by using standing stem harvesting methods, removing raw materials is done swiftly without sacrificing safety. We understand the time-sensitivity of logging projects, so the booking process is straight forward. FairLifts also offers additional helicopter services including aerial filming, agricultural surveying, and heli-skiing. To learn more, contact us.

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