Thermal Imaging helicopter services

Discover unseen data inside your assets with aerial thermal imaging


Thermal Imaging helicopter services


Discover unseen data inside your assets with aerial thermal imaging.

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FairLifts Helicopter Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging helicopters use a series of thermal cameras retrofitted onto the rotorcraft. With the help of onboard GPS systems supported by a series of software that will be able to decipher thermal images live, FairLifts helicopters are used for real-time aerial thermal mapping and imaging. Once the raw data has been processed, it is recorded, archived, and then uploaded to a client's cloud system for viewing and inspection. This has enabled clients to utilize our services for real-time data mining, gaining immediate perspective and access to critical data. FairLifts helicopter thermal imaging services have been used for:

  • Fire management:

    Thermographic cameras render infrared radiation as visible lights by our processors, allowing users to see areas of heat through thick smoke and smog. FairLifts have been used to ensure that fires are completely extinguished.

  • Environmental:

    Thermal imaging cameras better detect secretive animals from a safe distance, without disturbing their habitat. Our technology can also help with detecting runoff pollution in local waterways and find the source of contamination.

  • Data Collecting

    Thermal imaging can help detect odd drainage patterns, as well as evaluate irrigation methods. In addition, helicopters can offer multiple services for agricultural applications.

  • Structural Detection

    Our cameras can detect thermal insulation and HVAC problems, pinpointing possible energy losses that can translate into money-saving opportunities for corporations and developers.

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How FairLifts Thermal Imaging Works

Thermal Imaging Helicopters - Thermal Imaging ServicesThermal Imaging Helicopters - Thermal Imaging Services

Among the many, FairLifts employ versatile Bell 206B helicopters that can position themselves in busy cities or even in areas that were once deemed inaccessible. The Bell 206B is originally designed for the United States Army, but are now used for industrial applications. They have a high rate of climb, are relatively lightweight, and nimble; making the Bell 206B the ideal tool for efficiently collecting data while in the air. Once in position, our helicopters will deploy thermal imaging hardware to read temperature differentials in a defined area, especially if surveying a structure that might have heat trapped in its panels. For example, a black roof might absorb solar heat. As the sun goes down, damp or wet areas of the roof release heat slower than dryer areas. This differential shows up on thermal imaging software through various hues. With the help of a thermogram, the source of an insulation leak can be detected.

For other outdoor projects, we will consider certain weather factors and how they can influence surface temperatures. Ideal conditions for our helicopter thermal imaging services include relatively low wind speeds, a clear day the day of the thermal imaging scan as well as the day prior.

Eurocopter AS350 - Thermal Imaging Services

Heavy Lifts & Tower Construction

Eurocopter (Airbus Helicopters) AS350/AS355/AS365/EC135-T2+ are also employed. Eurocopter AS350/AS355/AS365 models are essentially similar with capacity (persons) and power (cruise speed, capacity lifting, engine magnitude) increasing as the model number escalates.

Kaman K-Max K-1200 - Thermal Imaging Services

Logistical Transport

The KAMAN K-MAX K-1200 is a heavy lift helicopter that—unlike Eurocopters, only lifts in the 700 to 1300 pound range—can haul more than a ton, 2722 pounds, and tow 5433 KGs at a speed of 100 KTS. These are a few of the current vehicular tools aviation companies can offer customers.

The Science Behind Thermal Imaging

Thermal radiation is the discharge of electromagnetic waves, which has a greater temperature than absolute zero. All objects radiate this heat, from person to swathes of land, and building structures. Thermal energy consists of kinetic energy - the random movement of molecules. The kinetic interactions between the molecules result in charge-acceleration. This results in the emission of photons, and radiating energy. Our thermal imaging cameras measure the small differences in these interactions. Some might think that our cameras take a single shot of a subject or object - in actuality, a series of videos are used. Our cameras are designed to detect maximum radiated energy and black areas that might indicate lower radiation.

FairLifts then interprets this data and sends it to the cloud or third-party for further processing.

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FairLifts Help Manage Valuable Assets

Thermal Imaging Helicopters - Thermal Imaging ServicesThermal Imaging Helicopters - Thermal Imaging Services

We have worked closely to help analyze, catalog, and count material patterns of organics like wildlife management, weather prediction, crop and animal locations. Spatial representations pertaining to nuclear power plants, wind farms, and solar rays are also amenable to our thermal imaging services. FairLifts is habitually used to assess these valuables. Depending on the appraisal process, FairLifts use a series of computer applications that are fixed and retrofitted to our helicopters.
While thermographic inspections are typically made indoors, they can be done outdoors with our helicopters. Energy auditors use our services to help determine the source of heat loss and where it is occurring on a piece of property. Our thermal imaging services are used to help evaluate and manage these physical assets. This investment in aerial thermal imaging as enabled us to provide precision estimates and analyze land and send it to a cloud-based reporting system that is accessed by our customers. The value of timely information can make or break certain industries. Aviation firms, in particular, understand the value of these thermal helicopter services, investing in our specialized hardware and software.

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About FairLifts

FairLifts has been the go-to service for those who need aerial thermal imaging. Using the combined skills of our helicopter operators and thermographers, we are able to efficiently scan forest fires, developments, construction sites, and waterways; producing a high-quality map in a myriad of formats. While we typically upload data via the cloud for quick access to sensitive information, we are also able to deliver images in other formats.

Other services also offered, include construction helicopter solutions, heavy lifting and freight materials, and transmission lines relocation. We are looking for greater precision in the quality of data they rely on when making critical decisions. The process includes a careful analysis of thermal maps and images. We understand that thermal imaging is a needed service in time-sensitive projects - this is why we have simplified the process to get a hold with us. To talk to a professional for more information or to get a quote for your custom project.

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