Thermal Imaging helicopter services

Discover unseen data inside your assets with aerial thermal imaging


Thermal Imaging helicopter services


Discover unseen data inside your assets with aerial thermal imaging.

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Open your Eyes with Aerial Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging helicopter services involve state-of-the-art helicopters outfitted with onboard computers, GPS, and sophisticated software applications that not only capture video and thermal data, but can conduct real-time aerial thermal mapping, aerial thermal imaging, and aerial thermography and mapping. Once this data is inside the onboard computer, it’s recorded, archived, and in some cases uploaded to cloud systems so clients subscribing to real-time (or near real-time access) gain immediate (or near immediate) access to critical data.

The breadth of subject-matter ranges from fire management, to environmental applications (wildlife inventory, pollution analysis, water contamination sourcing), to acquisition of agricultural data (crop status, drainage patterns, evaluation of irrigation schemes, cattle/flock management), to structural issues (buildings and infrastructure), to utilities (from electrical, water, gas, steam, to solar power systems). In each of these domains, thermal imaging helicopter services offer compelling answers to industrial problems because of the flexibility and deft touch of the tool to cover areas in a way only they can. And now, with sophisticated computers on-board, helicopters offer unparalleled data collection and solutions.

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Diverse Imaging Platforms Available

Aviation firms offering imaging services employ versatile, state-of-the-art helicopters that can carry significant payloads, and people--usually from five to eight people depending on capacities. Some firms employ Bell helicopters for utility work and corridor imaging/inspections. The Bell 206B helicopter can be equipped with state-of-the-art computers performing advanced imaging tasks for complex evaluations of data patterns using real-time thermal imaging helicopter services. These services include aerial thermal mapping and aerial graphing for imaging. The Bell 206B helicopter also produces complicated weather-resistant digital maps for immediate applications such as real-time fire management crises.


Heavy Lifts & Tower Construction

Eurocopter (Airbus Helicopters) AS350/AS355/AS365/EC135-T2+ are also employed. Eurocopter AS350/AS355/AS365 models are essentially similar with capacity (persons) and power (cruise speed, capacity lifting, engine magnitude) increasing as the model number escalates.


Logistical Transport

The KAMAN K-MAX K-1200 is a heavy lift helicopter that—unlike Eurocopters, only lifts in the 700 to 1300 pound range—can haul more than a ton, 2722 pounds, and tow 5433 KGs at a speed of 100 KTS. These are a few of the current vehicular tools aviation companies can offer customers.

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Thermal Tools Manage Valuable Assets

Aviation firms offer thermal imaging helicopter services to customers whose businesses involve analyzing, cataloging, counting, or representing the spatial patterns of organic elements like wildfire management, weather prediction, crop patterns/farm animal locations, and wildlife. On the other side of the coin, spatial representations of all manifestations of electric/nuclear power plants, wind farms and turbines, pipelines, dams and waterworks, solar arrays, agricultural drainage systems, irrigation networks, infrastructure proposals, and construction projects/maintenance are also amenable to the thermal imaging services and tools that helicopters employ.

Aviation firms provide Asset Integrity Management so customers are aware of the status and assessments of assets. These evaluations and appraisals are the culmination of high-tech aerial and thermal computer applications and systems installed in helicopters. Investments in such advanced technology have created a market for asset integrity dependent on aerial imaging and thermal aerial surveys. Which means aerial assets can now provide precision estimates and analyses that can be immediately networked and sent to cloud-based reporting systems quickly accessed by customers ready to add dynamic data elements to their company reports. The value of such timely and pertinent information can be the difference between a profit and loss. Aviation firms understand the value of these thermal helicopter services, and so they install specialized hardware and software on their fleets of helicopters.

In addition, aerial filming/photography servicesb> are offered by some aviation firms, working in conjunction with worldwide TV broadcasters, movie production companies, advertising agencies, and freelance photographers. Firms not provide the hardware and software, but perform consultations on a range of technical issues, including ways to reach the most desirable shooting locales.

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Aerial Imaging Services

Aviation firms offer thermal imaging helicopter services to customers seeking greater precision in the quality of data they rely on for critical decisions. Our network of affiliates can help you find nuggets of information hidden in the body of your assets. Make arrangements for us to connect you with service providers to see how thermal imaging helicopter services can add value to your business.

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