Search and Rescue Helicopter Services

Fast Response for Urgent Needs.


Search and Rescue Helicopter Services


Fast Response for Urgent Needs.

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Helicopter Service Capabilities

Search and Rescue Helicopter Services may be needed in times of intense pressure where the slightest mistake or wrong turn can cause calamity. In those times, you need pilots that are seasoned and have been in these high intensity situations before. FairLifts can arrange access to search and rescue service helicopters that have been utilized under precarious circumstances numerous times. Our affiliate’s pilots are safe, reliable, easy to work with, and know just what to do when pushed to the brink.

Our affiliated network of service providers offer a wide variety of services including SAR (Search and Rescue), Police Assist, and EMS (Emergency Management Services) assist. This includes some missions that mandate working hand in hand with military, government, and commercial operators. We work alongside the best to ensure our clientele receive a service performance that achieves its peak potential.

Our agents can deliver a structured and professional helicopter assistance reservation process while working with oil and gas industry clientele, on international missions, with EMS personnel, hoist operators, and alongside a plethora of other areas of expertise to ensure clients are receiving exactly what they need.

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Full Access to an Impressive Fleet of Helicopters

Search and Rescue Helicopter Services Search and Rescue Helicopter Services

Our affiliates have an impressive fleet of helicopters at their disposal to get the job done. Because our affiliate’s pilots take on such diverse roles, it’s imperative that they have the appropriate aircraft to assist in law enforcement and search and rescue service endeavors.

These pilots fly state of the art helicopters built specifically for police assist and search and rescue helicopter services. These include several UH-1F helicopters which offer several performance enhancing modifications. The UH-1F has a left sear certified long line bubble door with gauges. A 703 engine to get you where you need to go, and a BLR tail boom with a fast fin kit. The fastfin kit provides better performance at high altitudes and high temperatures. This is best for fighting fires, or for search and rescue attempts in mountainous terrain.

Police helicopter assistance aircraft need to be fast, powerful, and smooth, able to cut corners, and maneuver into hard to reach places whether it be in a mountainous region, or a city block. We can connect you with the most effective providers in the police assist and search and rescue helicopter services realm.

Heavy Lifts & Tower Construction

Emergency Response

SAR and EMS utilize multiple types of helicopters and other aircraft to provide numerous services to the community. In fact, there are approximately 550,000 air EMS missions in the United States each year. Because of the capabilities that helicopter assistance provides, their rapid response allows 54% of the US population to have access to a full-service trauma center with a 60 minutes. Air medical transport provides a higher level of medical care for the patient en route to a treatment facility. They also provide vital service to farming communities bringing medical services to those in need. As access to rural and community hospital services decrease and more are cut off from emergency care, helicopter assistance will be on the rise. Air medical services are sometimes the only way that people can get the care that they desperately need.

Logistical Transport

Law Enforcement

Another important area in which we can arrange assistance is in law enforcement. Many law enforcement agencies have aviation units that operate at least one helicopter. In fact, there are 200+ aviation units throughout the US in at least 46 states. Officers aerially assist those on the ground with DUI monitoring, traffic enforcement, and things that may go unseen from the ‘boots on the ground’ perspective. Aircraft also help with firefighting and security missions as well. We can provide our clients, which may include these agencies or NGOs (non-governmental organizations) with these undertakings if they only have access to a singular helicopter and it’s preoccupied. Helicopter services also assist law enforcement with counterterrorism operations including conducting facility checks on airports, bridges, and monuments.

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We can arrange police assist and search and rescue helicopter services within a plethora of industries and organize assistance on missions specific to what you need. Whether it be SAR, assisting law enforcement, firefighting in remote or mountainous areas, or air medical services.

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