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Often, people are befallen by sudden high stakes medical emergencies that immediately create life or death situations. When the unexpected befalls you or your family member, it’s paramount to know that you will receive the type of medical care and attention that ensures your quality of life. Many people are mistaken in thinking that their insurance will provide what they need in circumstances where emergency lift services are required. They fail to realize how crucial it is to rely on a trusted provider when such a delicate procedure is required.

FairLifts has long prided itself in providing access to high quality helicopter emergency medical services for a wide range of customers with dynamic sets of needs. Featuring fully staffed ambulance charters, you will have all the assistance you may need in your emergency. Whether it’s conducting a thorough medical consultation with the on-call treating physician, assembling specific equipment for a particular condition, or providing life-saving medication necessary to ensure the patient arrives at the hospital ready to be assisted, the full service emergency helicopter services are the helping hand you require in your time of need.

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A Varied Fleet to the Rescue

Emergency Helicopter ServicesEmergency Helicopter Services

Helicopters have revolutionized air travel over the years, and that technological advancement has been reflected in the majestic aircraft created specifically to provide emergency helicopter services. An air ambulance is a specifically modified helicopter that is designed to transport the sick and infirm over great distances during medical emergency situations in which traditional ground ambulance support would be inefficient. FairLifts has access to a variety of modern aircraft that have proven to be sturdy and reliable vehicles during high-pressure medical emergencies.  

The Airbus H145 helicopters have long been a staple of helicopter emergency medical services. A German-based line, this twin-engine aircraft can carry up to nine passengers as well as two crew members, which makes it ideal for medical personnel to accompany patients and perform vital in-transit medical attention. The PZL W-3 Sokol is a classic Polish design initially created for military operations. It has been modified around the world to provide delicate search and rescue emergency services that require navigation during high winds or turbulence created from flying over dangerous waters.  The Mil Mi 2, also utilized worldwide, is a leaner aircraft, that trades operational space for speed and dexterity in transporting patients long distances in a short period of time.

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Emergency Helicopter ServicesEmergency Helicopter Services

Emergency helicopter services have their origin in the military, where they were used for dangerous rescue missions that would require patient treatment while en route. The deadly ground wars of the early 1900s forced the military to design sleek aircraft that could transport several bodies quickly while also providing an adequate medical setting to provide emergency medical attention.

Later, these aircraft moved into the public sector, where emergency helicopter services became more vital to meet the needs of patients with unique medical needs. Often, when life-threatening injuries are involved, there are only a few hospitals that can adequately provide the life-saving treatment a patient may require. In these instances, like in the case of a burn victim or a patient with serious back or neck trauma, helicopter relief services are the only realistic option to make a worthwhile attempt to save a patient’s life, and hopefully maintain their quality of life for the future.

Likewise, private and public entities have enlisted helicopter assistance in natural disasters of all kinds, rescue missions in remote areas, and vital supply runs to those are who too far away from a hospital to receive adequate help when they need it. Medical helicopters are routinely utilized to assist hospitals, critical care facilities, and emergency management agencies. The services provided include but are not limited to: organ transport, critical care charters, air ambulances, and transport of medical staff and supplies in the event of a natural disaster or other types of sudden life threatening emergencies.

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Whether you need a contingency plan of transport for a terminally ill patient, or a sudden crisis has suddenly befallen you or a loved one, you can rely on FairLifts for premiere emergency helicopter services you can depend on. Please reach out to us in advance to prep your services, otherwise contact us immediately after the crisis has occurred. We will establish access to helicopter emergency medical services in a time-frame that meets your time sensitive needs. We provide a first class experience to all of our customers, regardless of their condition or needs.

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