Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Learn how manufacturers are lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

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Environmental Responsibilities of Helicopters

As helicopters take centerstage and become more common in a growing number of industries, concerns have mounted about the social and environmental impact attributed with the increased use of these aircraft. Two main environmental concerns come to the forefront of this helicopter environmental impact assessment.

Environmental Impact of Helicopters

The first concern includes increased noise pollution for people living near heliports, and the extensive carbon footprint frequent helicopter use leaves behind. Greenhouse gases play a major part in global warming, along with chlorofluorocarbons and other air pollutants. Manufacturers are actively in development of helicopter engines that run both quieter and with less carbon emissions. These new engines work by decreasing fuel burn while maximizing power output and efficiency.

Environmental Impact of Helicopters

Secondly, with an increase in the number of helicopters in the airways, public safety and aircraft safety become an important topic. Many urban areas have dealt with a rise in helicopter accidents over the last few decades, which has lead to stricter no fly zones and air traffic patterns. Helicopter manufacturers have partnered together to take on the social and environmental impact of helicopter use as the aircraft’s demand has skyrocketed.

How Helicopter Manufacturers are going green

Environmental Impact of Helicopters

European Manufacturers

Helicopter manufacturers are aware of the environmental impact of the aircraft and are working toward improving helicopter efficiency so as to bring around both environmental and social sustainability. In Europe, the goal of the Clean Sky Initiative is to majorly reduce the carbon footprint of helicopters with research studies such as the Green Rotor-craft Project. This project is geared toward lessening a helicopters carbon dioxide fuel emissions by 20 to 40 percent while cutting the the aircraft’s noise pollution in half. Technicians are looking to improve the energy efficiency of helicopter blade rotation since advancement in this area would mean that helicopters would operate with increased productivity, reducing the burn of fuel. EuroCopter is a European helicopter manufacturer that is hard at work trying to develop better blade technology that reduces noise. The bulk of a helicopter’s noise comes from the rotary blades.

Environmental Impact of Helicopters

North American Manufacturers

On the North American front, helicopter manufactures like Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation are going green by joining with other helicopter corporations to address the environmental concerns of the aircraft. While North America may be a little behind Europeans when it comes to the helicopter green initiative, lessening the environmental impact of helicopters has taken major steps forward in recent years. The Aviation Green Alliance funds research toward reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact of aircrafts, including helicopters. One such development is Pratt & Whitney’s PW210 helicopter engine that is said to serve up reduced fuel burn. Sikorsky continues to explore helicopter designs that address the issues plaguing helicopter manufacturers as the demand of the aircraft’s use moves into more and more industries. Helicopter services are no longer limited to transportation and tours, moving into a wealth of areas.

Committed to Going Green

Kermit the Frog said it best when he quipped that “it’s not easy being green.” However, being green is worth the effort, and FairLifts Helicopter Services is committed to utilizing affiliates that feel the same about improving the environment. FairLifts only partners themselves with helicopter affiliates that share the same environmental concerns and care about limiting the carbon footprint of helicopters. Helicopters provide efficient and reliable services for a multitude of industries and thanks to continued research and innovations, they can continue to do so by going green!

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