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We’ve established a list of some of our most often inquired after points of interest and frequently asked helicopter charter questions. If you don’t happen to see the question you have in mind below, feel free to contact our agents for more information.

Executive Helicopter Service Queries

What is the recommended attire for helicopter flights?

As there are no restrictions regarding clothing on flights, it is our recommendation that you wear weather appropriate clothing and whatever clothing is comfortable for you.

How experienced are the pilots and flight crew?

The pilots our affiliates employ are certified and experienced with knowledge respect to the aircraft they fly, the locations within which they are navigating and per the specifications of each service they work within. The flight crew is equally as experienced and are also vetted so as to ensure they are committed to delivering a quality customer care experience.

What happens in the event of inclement weather?

In the event of excessive downpours, fog, and other weather-related impediments to the pilot not having optimal visual acuity during the flight, our affiliates make alternate arrangement for the flight to continue safely. If touch down at a particular location is prevented due to weather or even in some cases smoke and smog, pilots have access to suitable landing spots or airports nearby so as to execute a safe landing.

Are there nighttime helicopter flights available?

Of course. We have entertainment executive charters that are specific to observing the city lights at night. However, there are specific flight restrictions that indicate these nighttime flights be limited to two engine aircraft possessing an autopilot implementation.

How early should I arrive prior to my helicopter flight?

We recommend our clients arrive at the location of boarding their flight at least 10 minutes before departure. A good number of the flights and services require brief instruction in safety so make certain to be present for your own personal safety and security. Further, there may be additional charges incurred if you arrive after your departure time. Inquire as to what you can expect if you arrive late as well.

Are there age restrictions for executive helicopter services flights?

It is recommended that anyone over 2 years is secured in their own seat. Infants and toddlers 2 years and younger may fly in the laps of parents and guardians, however, this is left to the discretion of the pilot.

Are there weight restrictions?

There may be. Dependent upon the aircraft and the facilitator they may have a limitation of up to 300 pounds. Factors influencing flight have to do with the equal distribution of weight throughout the aircraft, check with customer care to make certain your situation can be safely accommodated. Beyond, individual weight limitations, there are weight specifications per aircraft for baggage as well, inquire within to get specific details.

Are executive helicopter services flights expensive?

There are some instances in which helicopter services may be more pricey, like in the case of construction helicopter services and energy resource transport, but generally speaking, passenger flights are competitively priced. You will need to contact our agents to get price specific information pertaining to the executive helicopter service you are interested in.

What is your cancellation policy?

We are subject to some terms and conditions made applicable by the affiliated providers we work with. Beyond that, if you contact us within 48 hours of your flight, we may be able to reschedule for a later date. To get more information about our cancellation policy, contact customer support.

Is helicopter seating comfortable?

Dependent upon the aircraft, and whether you are flying on your own, you may either all be seated in the cabin or in the case of smaller aircraft some may be seated up front. That said, the seating is spacious and comfortable and the aircraft are designed so as to provide optimal viewing on aerial surveys and charters.

How far in advance should I book my flight?

Obviously the sooner the better. In order to ensure you get the date and time frame you are interested in weeks in advance would be optimal. We try our best to accommodate the schedule of our clientele, contact customer service for detail specific scheduling.

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Specialty Helicopter Service Queries

What types of operations are heavy lift helicopters used for?

Heavy lift helicopters may be used within a variety of industries. For example, in construction for the placement and delivery of equipment or steel girders. Fro the precision placement of architectural elements and utility units. They can help in the delivery of heavy or bulky items from off oil rigs and outposts.  They have been responsible in the past for the delivery of trusses and concrete.

What types of equipment is used in helicopter aerial imaging and surveys?

Generally, Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) military recon cooled cameras alongside skilled thermographers are used to record and analyze data.

What type of aircraft is used in heli-logging?

Typically, our affiliates use a Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane helicopter that implements the standing stem harvesting system. In SSH, timber is pulled vertically up from the forest floor after having been cleaned of debris and leaves and topped.

How fast can I expect a response if I need emergency response helicopter services?

We can mobilize a helicopter or multiple aircraft to assist in the event of an emergent situation in roughly two hours or less. You simply need to contact our representatives and we can start to arrange emergency response immediately.

Can I use your services to broker global executive helicopter services or response?

Yes, we have affiliates that work strictly within the continental United States but we also have service provider partnerships that afford our clientele service outside of the country and abroad.

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