FairLifts Assists With Manta Ray Airlift in the Bahamas

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Recently FairLifts assisted with a Manta Ray airlift at the Atlantis, Paradise Island Resort. The giant manta ray was tagged and relocated as part of the research program with Mote Marine Laboratory. The large manta will be released to study the animal’s migration patterns. The animal airlift was scheduled for June 15th to lift the 700+ pound manta ray to …

Expedient Mining Operations in Arizona

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When the time comes to scale your mining operations to the next level, it’s time to depend on FairLifts to reserve an effective helicopter solution. Aerial solutions bring with them the dependability and maneuverability missing from the extent of your operations. Trust dependable, professional industry experts, for personalized mining operations solutions that can effectively establish your organization as the regional …

Helicopter Pipeline Inspections in Calfornia

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Take advantage of what nationally acclaimed oil and natural gas companies already know: the quickest distance between your organization and a successful pipeline survey is a FairLifts’ reserved helicopter. Put some distance between yourself and your oil or natural gas territory, to survey the entirety of your property from an unrivaled angle in the sky. It’s a vantage point that …

Pipeline Surveys in Illinois

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Both Canada and the United States share the Keystone Pipeline. It runs from Alberta to various American locations including the Wood River Refinery in Roxana, Illinois. Wherever there are pipelines, there’s a potential danger from leaks of natural gas and petroleum. That’s why aerial pipeline surveys provide a deterrent from these kinds of accidents. Given the vast territory that pipelines …

Alaskan Mining Operations by Helicopter

Unrivaled Helicopter-Assisted Mining Operations in Alaska

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With the safety and the security measures that are meant to characterize every day at an Alaskan mine, the margin for error is predictably thin. This means that mining operations in Alaska must be carried out correctly the first time, every time, without a hitch. And when it comes to expedient job performance in a fraction of the normal time, …

Helicopter Pipeline Surveys in Kansas

Helicopter Pipeline Surveys in Kansas: Infrared, Thermal, HD, & More!

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When the distance between your business and effective productivity is a pipeline problem, it’s time to put your pipeline network into the hands of a dedicated professional. Make a helicopter pipeline survey the solution to your pipeline needs in Kansas. Unique in the fact that a pipeline survey by helicopter can survey large amount of land, and of pipeline, at …

FairLifts Flies Antonio Brown to Training Camp with a Helicopter Charter

FairLifts Flies Antonio Brown to Training Camp in a Helicopter

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He’s only the highest-paid NFL wide receiver. Maybe you’ve heard of Antonio Brown, the superstar wide receiver who headlines a talented Pittsburgh Steelers squad. When he’s not catching touchdowns from future Hall of Famer Ben Roethlisberger during the offseason, Antonio Brown finds other ways to make the papers. Most recently, he arrived at the beginning of his team’s training camp …

Wyoming Mining Operations

Helicopter Services to Expedite Wyoming Mining Operations

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There exists no wide margin for error when it comes to mining operations and productivity. It’s an environment where safety remains a top priority. Along the same vein, mining operations are optimized for efficiency. Processes and procedures are exacted with both precision and timeliness, to achieve maximum results without compromising on standard security. Now, there’s a way to further optimize …

Helicopter Pipeline Inspections in Oklahoma

Helicopter Pipeline Inspections in Oklahoma

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Trust FairLifts to reserve expert pipeline surveys today, to accelerate your business propositions, and secure your pipelines in Oklahoma for a competitive price. It’s a pipeline inspection that proves well worth the investment, whether you’re surveying the land before the pipeline is to be installed, or even if you need to inspect existing pipelines for incongruities or problems. You’re guaranteed …

Offshore Helicopter Charters to Gulf of Mexico Oil Rigs

Offshore Helicopter Charters to Gulf of Mexico Oil Rigs from Houma Heliport

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FairLifts arranges premium offshore helicopter charters for the oil and gas industry from Houma, Louisiana to Gulf of Mexico oil rigs for cargo and crews on time-sensitive deadlines. Helicopters provide indispensable assistance to companies on the Gulf of Mexico by transporting oil and gas crews and cargo to and from vessels, drilling rigs, production platforms, and pipeline terminals. Helicopter charters …

Can you fly a helicopter to the top of Mount Everest?

Can You Fly a Helicopter to the Top of Mount Everest?

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We get a lot of questions with regard to the capabilities of helicopters, but this one caught our attention. Helicopters can do many incredible things, but can a helicopter fly to the top of Mount Everest? Let us explain. First, let’s address Mount Everest in general, in case you have no idea what it is. Mount Everest, known in Nepali …