The new upholstery choices came from client requests to upgrade the interior leathers. Courtesy Bell Textron

Bell 429 Executive Helicopter Gets a Luxury Facelift

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The Bell 429 is one of the most notable players within the luxury helicopter industry, capable of delivering speeds of up to 155 knots and high-end interiors to passengers. However, its latest update aims to make it the only choice for travelers who expect luxury amenities during their flight. With a range of 411 nautical miles, the helicopter now delivers …

Hydrogen Helicopter Credit: Piasecki Aircraft

First hydrogen-powered helicopter

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The hydrogen-powered helicopter! HyPoint, an aviation company based around hydrogen fuel cells and the implementation of their technology in modern aviation, has completed a draft for their first major project, the world’s first hydrogen-powered helicopter. HyPoint has partnered together with another aviation company that shares its goals of hydrogen-powered aviation, Piasecki Aircraft Corporation. The helicopter has not fully been created …

Defiant Helicopter

Army’s Assault Aircraft Competition

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Black Hawk is more than just an early 2000s film with Joshua Hartnett; it is actually the name of the military’s hallmark Long-Range Assault Aircraft. Designed to get in and out of tight spots in enemy terrain without detection, the Black Hawk has been a key offensive and defensive force for the military. However, the military is now taking bids …

An HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter from the 41st Rescue Squadron participates in a 2019 open house combat search and rescue demonstration at Moody Air Force Base, Ga.

Virtual Sensing Technology Boosts Rotorcraft Availability

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Helicopter technology rarely stays static for long. Although the fundamental features of helicopters as we know them haven’t changed much in the decades since their first invention, numerous details have. In fact, major parts of their performance and design are constantly shifting into new performance metrics. This innovation applies to both civilian and military chopper designs and frequently appears on …