Sikorsky Registers S-100 Helicopter Model with FAA

Sikorsky Registers S-100 Helicopter Model with FAA

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Sikorsky has recently registered a new helicopter model named the S-100 with the FAA. The aircraft is the first S-100 Helicopter.

The aircraft has been assigned the registration N100FV. Though not much is known about the aircraft, FAA documents show the S-100 has two engines, 14 seats and a lift-weight class of 20,000 kg or over. Currently, the only known helicopter that the company is developing is the Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 Defiant, the team’s entry for the United States Army’s Future Vertical Lift program, which will succeed the Joint Multi-Role initiative. The SB-1 Defiant is a compound helicopter with rigid coaxial rotors, powered by two Honeywell T55s, and will debut this year.

However, a spokesperson for Sikorsky parent company Lockheed Martin confirmed that the registration of the S-100 is for the SB-1.

Yes, the registry application for S-100 is referring to the Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 Defiant,” the spokesperson said. “Our team is following the FAA’s process for how they formally designate experimental aircraft; however, we will continue to use SB-1 Defiant when describing our aircraft asset.”

Sikorsky Registers S-100 Helicopter Model with FAA

Sikorsky Registers S-100 Helicopter Model with FAA

The SB-100 or SB-1 Defiant will have a cruise speed of 290 mph, but less range given the use of the T55 engine. Compared to traditional helicopters, the counter-rotating coaxial main rotors and pusher propeller provide a 115 mph speed increase, combat radius extended by 60%, and performs 50% better in high-hot hover performance.

According to the team, “Sikorsky and Boeing are proving the scalability and tailorability of Sikorsky‘s Collier award-winning X2 Technology™ through SB>1 DEFIANT™. Being developed for the U.S. Army’s joint multi-role technology demonstration program, this medium-class technology demonstrator will help inform the next generation of military helicopters.”

In February, Lt. Gen. Paul Ostrowski, the military deputy to the Army acquisition chief, told senators during a hearing, that the Army was hoping to have the SB-1 Defiant fly by “late this summer.”

First flight is an important milestone in any developmental program,” Randy Rotte, Boeing’s director of global sales and marketing for cargo helicopters and Future Vertical Lift, confirmed in an interview. “I would submit that we are really focused on providing information to the Army throughout the whole flight test program to inform them as they go forward, as they are doing their analysis of alternatives, as they are doing their technical readiness assessment, as they are preparing for their program of record.”

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