Twin Engine Helicopter

FairLifts provides scheduling of twin engine helicopters for your project


Twin Engine Helicopter


FairLifts provides scheduling of twin engine helicopters for your project

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Twin Engine Helicopter Services

Some jobs require a larger aircraft which is where twin engine helicopters come in. With FairLifts, you will never be limited to the aircraft type you are in need of for your specific project. When more room within the cabin is needed, as in the case when you need to transport a crew to your offshore rig, a larger helicopter is required. Or if you are in need of emergency services over rough waters or mountainous terrain at any time the all weather and terrain capability of the twin engine can do the job.

No matter what size project you have or if you are an executive simply in need of a hotel transfer with your colleagues, FairLifts can provide access to dozens of twin engine helicopters for you to choose from. We operate with your safety as our number one priority as well as your ultimate satisfaction. You really can’t have one without the other. Which is why the operators who make up our large helicopter lift network are all FAA licensed professional commercial pilots with many years of experience in flying CAT A helicopter aircraft. Your project is important to us and you’ve made the right choice in FairLifts to deliver the best in twin engine helicopter services.

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Benefits of using a twin engine helicopter as opposed to a single engine include:

  • Longer Flight Distances Than Single Engine Helicopters

  • Faster Speeds

  • Larger Cabin Size

  • Generally Equipped with More Sound Proofing for a Quieter Flight

  • Equipped with Autopilot, Terrain Awareness, and Weather Radar

  • Generally Required by Corporations for Night Time Flights

  • No Restrictions in Terms of Flying over Metropolitan Areas

Twin Engine Helicopter

Twin engine helicopter services include but are not limited to:

  • Large Freight or Cargo Shipments

  • Executive or Company Group Flights

  • Agricultural and Logging Solutions

  • Heavy Lifting of Communications Towers, Hvac Units, Electrical Towers and More…

  • Emergency Response to Natural and Man Made Disasters, Medevac

  • Pipeline, Powerline and Construction Site Inspection and Surveys

Twin Engine Helicopters

Twin Engine Helicopter Twin Engine Helicopter

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